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Das Käthchen din Heilbronn) (Das Käthchen von Heilbronn))
A poetic drama full of medieval bustle and mystery, which retained its popularity for many years.
Ulciorul sfărâmat (Der zerbrochene Krug)
Povestea are loc în 1685 în satul fictiv olandez Huisum din provincia Utrecht. Preacinstita doamnă Marta reclamă în fața judecătorului ad-hoc Adam spargerea unui ulcior pe care-l consideră un obiect de mare preț.
Familia Schroffenstein (Die Familie Schroffenstein)
Die Hermannsschlacht
Is a dramatic work of anti-Napoleonic propaganda, written as Austria and France went to war. It has been described by Carl Schmitt as the "greatest partisan work of all time". In it he gives vent to his hatred of his country's oppressors.
Penthesilea was the queen of the Amazons, and the story is taken from a Greek source and presents a picture of wild passion.
Prințul de Homburg (Prinz Friedrich von Homburg oder die Schlacht bei Fehrbellin)
Action takes place at Fehrbellin and in Berlin, 1675. The Prince of Homburg, a young officer of the Great Elector, is exhausted after a long campaign. Walking in his sleep, he puts on a laurel wreath. Several noblemen notice this, and the Great Elector plays a trick on the Prince, which leads him to declare his love for the Elector's niece, Natalie. He is able to take one of her gloves. After waking from his dream the Prince is puzzled by the glove in his hand. When at the next council of war the plans for the next battle are being discussed, and duties are being handed out, the Prince is thrown into confusion by the appearance of Princess Natalie, who reveals herself as the owner of the glove, and he is distracted to the extent that he fails to take on board his orders, which are not to engage the enemy without a direct order to do so. Contrary to his instructions he attacks the enemy at the Battle of Fehrbellin – and wins.

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Heinrich Von Kleist

Heinrich Von Kleist s-a nascut la data de 18 octombrie 1777 in Frankfur Am Oder, Germania.

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