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Jack Flea's Birthday Celebration
David lives with Ruth, a woman nearly twice his age. It is his birthday and he invites his parents to dinner to meet Ruth for the first time. After much wine has been drunk, David pretends to read a chapter from his autobiographical novel, in which the 'stifling, sinister attractions' of his mother drive the protagonist, Jack Flea into the arms of Hermione, an older woman who turns David into her fantasy child. When Mrs. Lee grabs the piece of paper from David it is blank. Ruth and David then act up the fantasy of being mother and child; Ruth and Mrs. Lee vying for possession of David. But is this just drunken fantasy?
The Daydreamer
The book comprises seven interlinked stories about a young boy, Peter Fortune, whose daydreams place him into various fantastic situations: he discovers a cream that makes people vanish and makes his family disappear; conquers a bully on the thought that life was a dream so he had nothing to lose but to wake up, transforms into a cat and fights off a new tabby stray, transforms into his baby cousin and experiences the joys of being a toddler, a doll and gets his arm and leg ripped off to match a mangled doll, and, in the last story, an adult in which he discovers how boring adults are compared to kids. He is 10 years old at the start of the novel and 12 at the end.
The Imitation Game
It is 1940 in Frinton and 19-year-old Cathy Raine turns down a job at the local munitions factory and, much to the consternation of her parents and boyfriend Tony, joins the ATS. She is assigned to a wireless listening station, transcribing Enigma coded morse transmissions from Nazi Germany and makes friends with Mary. After an altercation in a pub she is moved to Bletchley Park, the centre of the code-breaking operation, only to find herself cleaning and making tea. She overhears the male staff discussing the eponymous 'Imitation Game', devised by Bletchley Park's Alan Turing. Cathy is befriended by Cambridge mathematics don Turner and they end up in bed together but for Turner it is a failure and he accuses her of planning it all to humiliate him. Later Cathy is caught in Turner's room reading documents relating to the Ultra programme, and she is incarcerated in military prison for the remainder of the war

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Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan s-a nascut la data de 21 iunie 1948 in Aldershot, Marea Britanie.

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