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Bloody Business
About two lonely men who find each other, one of whom happens to be Count Dracula, and the other a cop.
Hope and Caritas
A disgraced ex-soap star appeals to her fans to help her resurrect her career, and fight against moral corruption. But she turns out to have a hidden, and explosive agenda.
St. George
A gently ironic study of a naive academic whose life is framed by his devotion to English literature.
The Idler
A professional "idler" has his life's philosophy turned upside down when a woman walks into his comfortable world.
The Island of Bliss
A priest on retreat at a Gulf Islands bed-and-breakfast hotel is caught in an escalating spiral of complications when he is mistaken for a porn star.
The Man Who Shot Chance Delaney
A mysterious stranger walks into a Kansas Saloon in 1907, and tells an epic Old West saga of gunslinging, lost love and revenge. But as the story unfolds, there are hints that the storyteller has a dark and hidden agenda.

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Ian Weir

Ian Weir s-a nascut la data de in , Canada.

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