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A Blizzard Leaves No Footprints
Two Inuit children rescue their mother who has been captured by the Blizzard spirit as a result of their negligence.
A Chain of Words
Six Japanese folk tales adapted for young people.
A Christmas Carol
A one-hour version of the classic Dickens story with scenes linked by a children's choir.
Beyond Belief
A collage of nightmares: ghosts, werewolves, devils and other creatures from a strange "beyond."
Earth, Fire and Water
Based on a Chinese legend.
Good Neighbours
Short classroom play.
Goodbye Marianne
Goodbye Marianne is a documentary fiction, based on the author's own personal experiences as a child in Nazi Germany and of other holocaust survivors.
Just a Minute - Ten Short Plays & Activities for your Classroom
Each Play is between 3 to 10 minutes long, and is followed by suggested related language activities for elementary classrooms. Characters are broadly drawn and plots involve powerful, universal themes that will motivate children: life and death; the natural and supernatural; greed and generosity; honesty and deceit. Plays include: Good Neighbours, Pied Piper of Hamelin, the Party, Earth Fire & Water, The Talking Fish, The Enchanted Spring, The Magic Sieve, The Blind Hunter, Sungold, The Captive Moon
Lillie and William are orphans from Dr. Barnardo Homes, shipped to Canada in 1906 with promises of a new and better life. The play covers the early years of their struggle to make their hopes come true. Ten percent of Canadians are descended from British Home Children.
Listen to the Drum
An Inuit legend of how the Raven made the world.
Martha's Magic
An old woman is determined to defend her right to live as she chooses against the onslaught of civilization.
Once Upon a Time
Folk tales from four countries are dramatized in story-theatre style.
A play about story-telling.
Remember Me
Marianne Kohn - a twelve year old Jewish refugee from Berlin, Germany arrives in Britain shortly before World War II. The play chronicles her experiences in England and Wales during her first months without family. A story of survival.
Season of the Witch
Two children, lost during a picnic in the mountains, become part of the struggle between the seasons.
Tales from Tolstoy
Eleven fables from the Russian master.
The Paper Bag Princess and Other Stories by Robert Munsch
Seven of Robert Munsch's best stories, with audience participation written into the tales.
The Rainstone
A Japanese folk tale about an old woman who finds a child near the river, and how the foundling later saves his village from a drought.
The Taming of the Wild Things
A woman who tames wild things cannot manage the wily cat.
This Pet's Allowed
Matthew and his mother have moved to the city from Alberta. Their dog Lucky is left behind on the farm with Matthew's grandparents because pets aren't allowed in their inner city apartment. To fill the void, Matthew creates an imaginary dog with whom he has lots of adventures, and is finally reunited with Lucky.
Tomorrow Will be Better
Compiled from the writings of B.C. school children, the play touches on immediate concerns: food, friends and family.

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Irene N. Watts

Irene N. Watts s-a nascut la data de 1931 in Berlin, Canada.

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