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The five characters in A.M.L. represent the thoughts and feelings of a single woman who is trying to cope with her boyfriend's Leukemia. Each of the women depicts a different stage of the illness and the relationship. By the end we realize that the boyfriend has survived, the woman is stronger, but the relationship is over; and her five separate parts have grown into one.
Girl Gone
Tish is a young woman who dances in a topless bar. When her best friend is brutally murdered, Tish becomes obsessed with who killed her friend and why. The action moves rapidly from the past to the present, in and out of Tish's mind from a topless bar, to a hustler's apartment, to the middle of the street, as she tries to put together a fractured world where the pieces no longer fit. Tish finds her suspect playing the saxophone in a jazz club and risks her own life by coercing him into a reenactment of the crime. In a shocking turnaround, Tish finds what she's looking for.
Jiley Nance and Lednerg
A frustrated actress literally fights her darkest demon during a hospital stay in this uproarious comedy about the power of the mind.
String Fever
In this comedy, which starred Cynthia Nixon and Evan Handler Off-Broadway, Lily juggles the big issues: turning forty, artificial insemination and the elusive scientific Theory of Everything. Lily's world includes an Icelandic comedian, her wisecracking best friend, a cat-loving physicist, her no-longer-suicidal father and an ex-boyfriend who carries around a chair.

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Jacquelyn Reingold

Jacquelyn Reingold s-a nascut la data de in , SUA.

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