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Bonfire at Dawn
The story of Fray Bartolome de las Casas. He travelled to the New World with Columbus. He was one of the first to fight for the rights of the indigenous Indians and he struggled with his homosexuality.
El otro William
William Stanley, brother to the Earl of Derby, spends his days bullying his manservant Costrand and enjoying sexual favours from his maidservant Mary. It is the early seventeenth century and – as William himself explains to us – such behaviour is expected of men of his station. But William also engages in a much less reputable pursuit: he writes plays. This is not the kind of activity befitting a man from a noble family, and so William keeps his playwriting a secret from everyone but his servants. The Other William explores the idea that Shakespeare’s plays might in fact have been written by William Stanley (1561-1642), sixth Earl of Derby. Jaime Salom conducted a lengthy study into the life of Stanley and there are a number of allusions to his life, as well as to actual historical events.
Historias íntimas del paraíso
The play is a comic dramatisation of the creation of humankind. After a huge amount of work, Paradise is complete. God goes on a well-earned holiday, leaving Angel in charge. This is a promotion for Angel, and he intends to do the best job he can. The trees, birds and animals are all easy to care for, unlike the human who has just been created. Adam is only a few minutes old, yet already he is irritating Angel by asking constant questions. Adam knows very little about his new life as a human, yet he does notice that, while there are two of every other creature in Paradise, there only seems to be one of him. Thankfully, Angel remembers something about another human having been created. He and Adam set out to find it, and they eventually come across Lily. Unlike her male counterpart, Lily is not bemused by her own existence. Instead, she is rather dissatisfied with her creator’s handiwork and has a number of complaints. For instance, nobody bothered to consult her about Adam. She might have preferred a more handsome husband, or a taller one. Indeed, she might not have wished to be married at all. But God is still on holiday and cannot deal with her complaints, and so Lily makes the best of things. She devours the information about Paradise contained in Angel’s instruction manual, happily ignoring anything she does not agree with. To Angel’s horror, for example, she nonchalantly eats apples from a forbidden tree. Lily has no time for silly rules, and half suspects several things in Paradise are in fact mistakes – not least the amusing dangly bits between Adam’s legs.
Juegos de invierno
Locatarii unui azil joacă la loteria de Crăciun si trăiesc intens emoțiile așteptării, ca în infern...
La casa de las chivas
In a battle-weary village, a small group of Republican soldiers live with Petra, her younger sister Trini, and their senile old father. This is the House of the Chivas, named after ‘la Chiva’, the girls’ mother. La Chiva was a sexually-voracious woman who left her husband and young daughters to seek pastures new. She has never been seen since. La Chiva’s daughters have inherited some of her wild ways. It is 1938, and the Spanish Civil War has ravaged the region. Food is scarce and Petra offers the soldiers sexual favours in exchange for supplies. She is a domineering young woman, who at times seems to enjoy the rude attentions heaped on her by the men under her roof. Trini, in contrast, is a naïve young girl. Bored, she desperately wants to experience something of life before the war strips her of all happiness. But Petra forbids Trini from having much to do with the soldiers living with them. One night, Trini tires of her sister’s prohibitions and goes downstairs to join the soldiers smoking and listening to music. That same night, Juan arrives. Unlike his fellow soldiers, Juan is neither crude nor lascivious. His kind manner towards both Petra and Trini soon has both the sisters arguing over him. But, despite enjoying the girls’ company, Juan shows no sexual interest in either of them.
La piel del limón
Intriga (La trama)
Un bogat om de afaceri se pomeneste brusc in pragul falimentului si cu mari sanse de a merge la inchisoare. El decide sa isi insceneze propria moarte, sa puna mana pe banii din asigurarea de viata si sa o ia de la capat in alta parte. ine i-ar putea emite un fals certificat de deces? Un medic care are o relatie clandestina cu sotia lui. In schimb, rechinul financiar ii promite ca o sa ii lase cale libera sa se casatoreasca cu viitoare „vaduva”. Pentru ca planul sa reuseasca trebuie urzita o intriga foarte subtila… Din nefericire, nimic nu este ceea ce parea la inceput. Lucrurile scapa de sub control, iar alte personaje se interpun si aduc cu ele tot felul de surprize si neasteptate rasturnari de situatie.
Domnișoarele din Avignon (Las señoritas de Aviñón)
A farce revolving around the 16th Century playwright Juan Timoneda.
Un hombre en la puerta
When Victor was a young man, he renounced his privileged upbringing and left home to make his way as a political activist. He risked his life distributing anti-government propaganda. Then, when his party finally became part of the establishment, he forged out a successful political career that has taken him almost to the top. Yet, as the play begins, Victor’s political dreams are in tatters. He has just given a speech, criticising the party’s leadership for being undemocratic. None of his colleagues was prepared to support his call for organisational change, and, as a result, Victor faces the prospect of having to abandon the party he loves. Wanting to avoid the media after his controversial speech, Victor takes refuge in the home of his former lover, Miriam. They first met over 20 years ago, when Victor was a young activist being chased by police. Hoping to avoid arrest, Victor ran through the first unlocked front door he came to. Miriam was behind this door. She worked as a dancer, entertaining male audiences every night with her scantily-clad routines. They could not have been from more different backgrounds, but the chemistry between Victor and Miriam was obvious from the start and they soon embarked on a passionate romance. This was Victor’s first experience of love, and it is one he has never forgotten.
Una hora sin televisión
The comedy, about a couple who try to solve their marital problems during an hour in which the husband agrees to stop watching videos, is as coarse as a tenement shouting match.

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Jaime Salom Vidal

Jaime Salom Vidal s-a nascut la data de 25 decembrie 1925 in Barcelona, Spania.

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