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A New Brain
The story, which is loosely autobiographical, begins with composer Gordon Schwinn working at his piano, irritable because he's up against a deadline. He's supposed to write a song about spring for his boss, a dictatorial children's TV star named Mr. Bungee (he's a frog). Gordon goes to meet his friend Rhoda for lunch, passing a tart homeless woman on the way. at the restaurant, Gordon suddenly clutches his head in pain, falls face-forward into his pasta, and then collapses. At the hospital, Gordon learns that he has a rare condition called arteriovenous malformation, which causes fluid to build up on his brain. An operation is needed, but it's potentially dangerous; there's a significant chance that Gordon could die, or never recover his faculties.
A plump Jewish matron sits in the stands watching her son play baseball, then looks over in consternation at a new arrival in the crowd and croons to herself. In that moment, actually among the funniest and happiest of an off-Broadway musical set in the early months of the aIDS epidemic, Falsettoland expresses its edgy wit, cockeyed charm and matter-of-fact acceptance of a world Norman Rockwell never painted. Handsome men in sports clothes and sweatbands play racquetball, snorting like stags in battle, then sing love songs to each other. a female doctor and her lover, a would-be inventor of nouvelle kosher cuisine, cheerily introduce themselves as ''the lesbians from next door.'' the matron's husband, and surrogate father to her son, is the ex-husband's ex-psychiatrist. the shrink and the boy do a vaudeville-inspired soft-shoe number called everyone Hates His Parents. the mother probably speaks for a whole generation or two when she describes her occupation in life as ''holding to the ground as the ground keeps shifting.''
Fran's Bed
Fran's Bed asks the question "What constitutes a life?". as Fran lies comatose in a hospital room, her husband, Hank, and two daughters, Vicki and Roberta, are forced to decide her fate, but in so doing, discover things about her and about themselves that they might have preferred to leave unexamined. Fran comfortably sits to the side and watches as her family tries to understand how this seemingly normal middle-aged housewife has come to her current situation. their efforts to deal decisively with Fran's future are complicated by her devoted nurse, Dolly, who brings a different perspective to the matter of death and what our responsibilities are to those who can't speak for themselves. the play, told with wit and compassion, does not simplify the intellectual, political and emotional issue of a person's right to life.
Into the Woods
Winner of 3 1988 Tony awards, this brings to musical life favourite characters from children's fairy-tales, such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood & Jack and the Beanstalk
Little Miss Sunshine
On lifes twisty road, sometimes you need to pull over and change direction. When the coveted title of Little Miss Sunshine is unexpectedly within her reach, young Olive Hoover convinces her family to make the 800-mile trek to the pre-teen pageant of her dreams. Along the way, a series of mishaps threatens to derail the groups quest for the crown, until they realize a young girls far-fetched goal may actually hold the key to the familys happiness. From the Tony Award-winning team of James Lapine and William Finn comes Little Miss Sunshine, a new musical comedy about one modern familys unexpected route to brighter days.
Giorgio is a lusty officer in the Italian army, transferred to a remote outpost under the watchful eye of Colonel Ricci. Ricci's ward, Fosca, is a sickly and unattractive girl, who falls heavily in love with Giorgio at first sight. This is a love so compelling that she gradually wins the young officer over - but at what cost?
Sunday In the Park With George
Setting: act I: a series of Sundays from 1884 to 1886; a park on an island in the Seine just outside of Paris and George's studio. act II: an American art museum and on the island in 1984.
Table Settings
Three generations of a Jewish family with the Jewish mother to end all Jewish mothers.
The Moment When
The play follows five people as their lives intertwine and separate. Steven, an artist, meets the writer alice at a fashionable New York party hosted by Paula, a legendary literary agent. Paula's young assistant, Dana, introduces herself to alice and Steven, and the courses of the next fifteen years of their lives are set in motion. the play marks those moments in our lives that may pass unnoticed but determine who we become.
Twelve Dreams
Set in 1936-37 in a New England university town, Emma presents her practicing psychiatrist and lecturer father with a Christmas gift, a handwritten collection detailing 12 of her dreams. Charles struggles to make sense of the dreams, torn between his role as father and psychiatrist. He enlists the help of a visiting European psychiatrist. The professor is intrigued by the dreams, remarking that they are those of an older person facing their mortality. Interspersed in Emma's dreams are real-life figures such as her best friend, Jenny, Rindy, a neurotic patient of her father's, her ballet teacher, Miss Banton as well as Sanford, her father's apprentice.

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James Lapine

James Lapine s-a nascut la data de 10 ianuarie 1949 in Mansfield, Ohio, SUA.

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