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Aurora's Motive
Mother. Daughter. Feminism. Murder. The true story of Aurora Rodriguez and the prodigy daughter she raised, educated, worshiped, and ultimately murdered.
Bear Story
A solo piece for a woman who tells the story of meeting, falling in love and marrying a man in Alaska— while explaining the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, and perhaps death, at the hands of a bear.
Children Of Cain
A black comedy about three siblings with a curse on their head, and the bible salesman who comes to visit one stormy night.
Famous For Fifteen Years
A Famous Artist and his acolytes, in their heyday, 1969, and at the Artist's funeral, 1984.
Have A Little Faith
A mom stands in the synagogue giving her speech to her son the Bar Mitzvah boy... which goes horribly awry.
Kreskin Be Damned
A lovestruck accountant saves an HIV positive homeless man and regains his girlfriend from an oncoming train, by "mental."
Other Than Honorable
Timely and urgent, confronting the role of women in the military and the dangers the new U.S. president and his administration are indifferent to. — A former Army officer (now lawyer) reluctantly takes on a military sexual assault case, re-opening old wounds, and forcing her to confront her past, along with the real meaning of "code of honor".
More urgent and relevant every year. — Adaptation of Studs Terkel's bestseller about race in America.
Some Of The People, All Of The Time
A sexy tango of a play. — Who's lying and who's telling the truth is upended again and again as the director of a major art museum falls in love with a woman who may or may not be an art forger.
Splitting Infinity
God, science, the overlap between them, and the wedges that keep them apart, wrapped in a love story. A Nobel prizewinning astrophysicist goes after evidence of God, through physics, jeopardizing her 40 year friendship with her best friend--a Rabbi that's been in love with her since they were 10--and the post- oc she's having an affair with, also the son of a Christian scientist.
Status Update
A 10 minute comedy about a man, a woman, and the social network that comes between them.
Still Blonde Runs Deep
An actress tries to determines the course of her artistic future... at the beauty salon.
The Court Jester
Musical adaptation of the 1959 film starring Danny Kaye (bookwriter). Lindsay Jones, music and lyrics.
The Return to Morality
Bracingly current. A liberal college professor writes a scathing satire of the far right. His plan? Lay out the most outrageously racist, homophobic, sexist, isolationist ideas, build the American people into a lather, THEN reveal his liberal cred... too late. His book is published non-fiction and before he knows it, he's heralded as a hero by all those he sought to skewer, and far over his head in a maelstrom of his own good intentions.
Theodora: An Unauthorised Biography
Historians across the ages (490, 1090, 1590, 1890, and 1990) offer up the "expose" of Theodora, the courtesan, actress and eventual Byzantine Empress alternately painted by history as a despot, romantic heroine, revolutionary, and nymphomaniac.
Waving Goodbye
Loss, grief, change, making art, wishing things were different, finding love, not turning into your mother, and those irrevocable moments after which nothing is ever the same. — A 17 year old photographer loses her father in a mountain climbing accident, and spends her 17th year with the mother who abandoned her.

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