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Baghdadi Bath
The play is set in a Turkish bath in Baghdad, where two bus drivers come to relax and talk about life in Iraq before and after the U.S. invasion. The play is somewhat Beckettian and a thoughtful portrayal of the everyday horror of surviving in a war zone. It presents the suffering of Iraqis engulfed in a country ravaged by violence, corruption and despair.
Corpse Of The President
About an Iraqui woman who can't bury her father, a presidential candidate, on election night without submitting his corpse to the humiliation of being examined in all its orifices. The daughter eloquently explains why she can't tolerate this to an American woman soldier who turns out to be wearing earplugs. Finally the corpse wins the election.

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Jawad A Assadi

Jawad A Assadi s-a nascut la data de 12 ianuarie 1947 in Karbala, Iraq.

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