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A Gift
Two young men meet on a train in this ten minute play for two actors. One is an earnest young man on his way to propose to his girlfriend, the other is a cynical loner who advises the first to escape marriage while he can. The advice falls on deaf ears and the earnest young man goes on his way leaving the loner with a delightful twist in his tale in this comedy-drama.
A Likely Story
In this five minute comedy filler, Miss Hastings is summoned to the manager’s office after a series of unfortunate events starting with the purchase of twelve expensive cashmere sweaters with tiny buttons. Now the very same twelve expensive cashmere sweaters with tiny buttons result in a chain of events leading to amoungst other things a colleague copping a feel of Miss Hasting’s breast, a large spider, a sexual harassment suit and a run on the store with a mass return of the same cashmere sweaters. Now what has Miss Hastings to say for herself?
Am I good?
In this one act comedy, Nora is anxiously preparing for a big date, when her next door neighbour, Mrs Henderson, arrives at the door with a family emergency and asks if she could leave her sixteen year old son, Brody with Nora for a short time. Nora says yes, of course, but what she doesn’t know is that while she was getting ready, the hem of her skirt had gotten caught in her waistband on the one side, exposing half of her bottom and her thong for Brody to see.
Milly is a troubled young woman in her twenties. For years she has held a closely guarded secret – she sees terrible events before they happen. Although she has kept it quiet all this time, she has finally decided to seek help. She visits Dr Preston, an eminent psychiatrist to seek a solution for her troubles. But does she have an ulterior motive in visiting him?
Marcia Jameson, divorcee has put up an advert for a room mate in her local paper. What she’s looking for is company – someone to go shopping with, to the theatre with and generally be a friend. When she receives an answer to her ad, she’s happy but quickly a bit put out to find that her prospective tenant is in fact an older man in his fifties called Bertie. Despite Bertie’s assurances that they’ll get on like a house on fire, she’s hesitant to accept him initially and then decides to give him a chance in this one act play for a cast of three. Bertie quickly moves in and makes himself at home. A little too quickly, perhaps, but then he does come with impeccable references. Marcia’s best friend, Shelly is at first surprised, then suspicious, but when Bertie wins her over by promising to invite a famous friend who is well known in the art circles to Shelly’s exhibition, she welcomes him with open arms. Bertie is everything Marcia needs and more. Helpfully cooking for her when she’s late at work, mixing her drinks, clearing out her garage within a day of moving in. He’s too good to be true. Or is he…..?
Gray Matters
In this short funny monologue written for a single male actor, the headquarters of THE BRAIN are occupied by a single young man, all dressed in gray, whose job it is to guide a typical young guy’s BODY through his days and nights. The young man, of course, is all knowing (and a know it all!) and takes his job very seriously from reminding him how many brain cells he has just lost with his recent alcohol binge to the name of the girl he met the other day. All in a day’s work for a busy know it all brain! A funny monologue idea for high school or college drama class.
Over my dead Body
A ghost and her husband are prepared to haunt the house below before they’ll let their family sell the house that has been theirs for three generations. Miranda and Ben have been quite happy living in their haunted family home their entire lives. And now that they have passed on and joined the realm of family ghosts as well, they are looking forward to an afterlife spent with their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, their children (more specifically their daughter in law) have other plans. Plans that involve selling the more then slightly haunted house and moving to Florida. Plans that Miranda simply won’t have…
The power is out as Mary Jones enters her kitchen early one morning to prepare breakfast. She and her husband will discover from their neighbors that what looks like a meteor shower has not only knocked out all electricity but batteries as well as cars and all electrical items. How long this blackout will last is one of many terrifying realizations as the neighbors try to go about the task of maintaining order (protecting the neighborhood) and taking care of daily necessities (how will they cook, how long before the freezer contents go bad, how extensive is this power disabling celestial occurrence, what about the children away at school, what about world peace). Doug Jones, seeking that all elusive Pulitizer winning story realizes that this is a golden opportunity.
In this ten minute farcical comedy, Phil is cheating on his wife with a gorgeous blonde who he is meeting in a local restaurant. He has also just gotten a big promotion at work, which may be due to the fact that his wife is also the boss’s daughter. When Phil goes over to greet a work colleague, Jim (who is out with his own wife celebrating their anniversary) before meeting his yummy blonde and the boss walks in, Phil has to improvise, and fast. So he chooses the traditional route. Under the table.
The Audition
It’s always nerve wracking going to audition for a part in a play. Getting the words right, coming across the way you think the directors want you to come across. And when they simply look bored, its ten times worse. So when Misty arrives at her audition and they give her just ten minutes to prepare, she wants to scream. Until she finds out she has to. Scream, that is. Scream as though her audition depended on it. It does. A funny short play for a cast of three.
The Heirs
Margaret Hubbard is rich; painfully and decadently rich. Mrs. Hubbard is also dead and according to her will she is determined to drive her husband crazy (one last, exquisite time) with a to-do list that would have him claim the will’s contents only upon the doings on the list being completed. In fact, the rest of those on the receiving end of said will (who are interestingly enough mostly Hubbard Manors’ staff) may only receive their inheritance should Mr. Hubbard succeed. This is a story we have seen time and again: what adversity can teach the hero about themselves, when they commit to taking on the challenge and the tricky consequences thereof. It’s a story about our hero, Jeremy Hubbard, husband to a recently deceased dragon and how he endeavours to fulfil his destiny and claim what is ‘rightfully’ his – a temptingly sumptuous inheritance, of course. Our hero faces the dragon beyond the grave with the help of the staff and the fire-breathing lizard’s lawyer. And the lesson? It begins and ends as the story does; with insatiability.
The Intruder
Comedy script for three actors in which two homeless people outwit a young student journalist who is patronizingly trying to interview them for her studies. Cleo and Caesar are long dwellers in their home, the local park and are in the ”import export business,” as they put it – they find junk and sell it as antiques. When a young journalist arrives with a blanket, coffee and some breakfast bars in order to ‘interview them about their lives,’ the two are rude at first, and then decide to have a little fun with her.
The Makeover
Although the years have passed, Doug has always retained a passion for Judy, his old high school flame. Although far from perfect in her own eyes, in Doug’s eyes Judy was the epitome of perfection from the tips of her chubby toes, past her cuddly waist to her pug nose. And today she’s back in town with Doug anxiously waiting for a chance to meet up with his old flame. Who knows what could happen? Maybe this time he’ll take the chances he didn’t last time… But when ‘Judith’, a willowy vision, walks through the door, Doug just doesn’t know what to say.. Or do! Ten minute comedy play script about an old flame.
The Mirror
ntended as an evening of dinner theatre or for a charity performance, this collection of ten minute plays combines six stories which are linked by a common theme: A mirror. Old, tarnished and apparently priceless. We follow the journey of the mirror through the evening. From the burglary where the burglar steals it for his wife, to the thrift shop where the wife (who never really liked it anyway) dumped it, to the purchase of the mirror by a rich old lady, certain of its value and antiquity. The old lady passes away and then the mirror gets bought from her estate by a young girl. We then see the mirror in the girl’s apartment, in a shop front window at a travel agent and finally getting sold by two homeless people who are convinced they’ve just pulled off the biggest scam of their lives. Bar the short introductory piece, each play stands well on its own. rare collection by best selling and award winning American playwright Jean Blasiar. This play is available both in digital and printed format.
The Outlaws
When good in laws go bad, it gets ugly! Meet Jill and Michael; an average young couple who plan to get married soon – next month to be precise…but not if Jill’s father Dick and her grandfather Henry can stop it. You see they are not too fond of Michael. They are not too sure what it is they don’t like about him, perhaps his soon-to-be profession (you see dear Michael’s studying theology) or maybe it’s his bishop for a father, Tom, and/or his equally bishop-y wife, Connie. In two acts, Henry and Dick are dead set on taking this marriage down and soon enough, Tom ends up joining forces with them. With their wives Beth, Emily and Connie caught in the middle, every single parental figure in this comedy about the in laws is taught a lesson they should very well know by now: young love, it cannot be stopped.
He’s going on a blind date. To the library of all places? She’s told him very little about herself, just that she’s interested in art, books, museums, and classical music. He has no idea what she looks like at all. So when he tentatively approaches a woman reading and mentions that he is on a blind date and waiting for someone, they get into a conversation. She helpfully points out that although he thinks he’s good looking, he really could dress better to impress this girl. He replies he just wants a girl without a nose ring he could take home to meet his mother. Various women entering the library are examined to see if they could be the woman he is waiting for. In the end – who does it turn out to be?
Yoo Hoo, Mister Solomon
In this short comedy sketch, Mister Solomon is busy enjoying his tea and his Mozart in his upstairs apartment, when he is interrupted by Mrs Castle, who comes (bearing slightly dry cake) to make him a proposition that he won’t forget!

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