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All The Time In The World
Barbara has retired from lecturing at the university (and the world) to a rundown country cottage. Her very own personal Year Zero. Her little sister, her ex-fiancee and her favourite uncle arrive seeking sanctuary. By the time they return to the world the place feels strangely different.
A wry anarchic farce about women with a passion for passion. Angelica and Josefina's widowed Mama tries to talk sense into her highly-strung daughters. And another man comes knocking at the front door.
This play uses simultaneous double time sequences to look at the lives of women in 1910 and 1975 and makes some telling points about how things have and have not changed.
Julia's Daughter
Julia Hardy wasn't born to die - but she does. And her work, her poetry, casts a very long shadow. Her daughter, Jaydee, struggles towards the light, and travels back into the past. Back to the night when Julia chose to live, and Jaydee saved her life. It is better to fade away than to burn out. Her ex-husband, David, annotates. All he has is an "eye", and he knows "it" when he sees it. Julia had "it" but does Jaydee?
The Third Age
A bitter-sweet comedy set during French classes at the Glenwood University of the Third Age. The protogonists are people in the third age of life. But age has not withered them, it seems. They are the same people they always were, with their hopes and dreams, it is just they are a little older. And wiser? Perhaps.
They're Playing Our Song
Four couples dance around the traps and snares of love.

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Jennifer Compton

Jennifer Compton s-a nascut la data de 1949 in Wellington, Noua Zeelandă.

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