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Call Of The Wild
The play examines the predicament faced by contemporary woman who is on the one hand, humiliated and on the other venerated. We witness the drama of a woman trying to give order to the many diametrically opposed facets of her life in a curious mix of domestic and epic images. The woman, an ordinary housewife and mother, is constantly in motion as she moves between dealing with the banalities of her everyday world as they collide with the contradictory world of her inner fears, fantasies and desires.
Goodnight Sweet Dreams
Explores the alternating realities of day and night. a young couple and their baby lead an ordinary surban life, but at night time their dream lives errupt, and we see that they are filled with complexities, contradictions and anything but the ordinary and ordered lives they apparently live by day.
Jealousy Or The Affair
Is a dialogue between two lovers about an affair. It explores the subtleties that exist between two people when they navigate this terrain. The dialogue is replayed a second time with the characters in the opposite roles
Kitten's husband Jonah has committed suicide. Kitten is overwhelmed with grief and guilt. She swings from depression to mania as she pieces together Jonah's research on intelligence in the animal kingdom, inspired by what she discovers she devises a bizarre plan to make a come back as a singer in order to rescue Jonah. As Manfred her lover watches over her unable to help, her excitement builds to mania, until she finally collapses. Once again Kitten is reduced to nothing. and from her hospital bed, Kitten very slowly begins to discover a new voice. She begins to sing. . .
Maddy is turning 19 and her sister returns to the family home for the birthday. She finds Maddy very changed. Her world is becoming increasingly bizarre as psychic forces beyond her control take hold. She is showing signs of schizophrenia. The family begins to split apart as each tries to deal with the situation in radically different ways. Desperate to obey the demands of her inner voices, Maddy proceeds regardless, dragging the whole family towards a tragic outcome. Madeleine brings the uncertain world of mental illness into presence and provides a space within which these concerns can become a reality.
Some traumatic event occurs, a young woman is raped and subsequently kills her assailant. We watch both her immediate reaction and her unfolding response over a longer period. Memory, fantasy, dream, imagination and the sheer will to comprehend and heal are explored in this non- narrative performance piece. Fragmented episodes are presented in different genres and from different perspectives, each new facet making the meaning deeper and more complete
Sheila Alone
It is a study or observation of the rhythms of the female mind. The concern is not with story line or meaning. The woman is alone and thereby confronts her her aloneness and her loneliness.
Still Angela
An unpredictable portrait of a contemporary Australian woman at three ages. On the cusp of her birthday, Angela goes on a real and imagined journey through time: up the garden path of her childhood; into the kitchen with her lover; and onto a train that travels into the Simpson Desert. It is here that deep change can occur and she relocates herself within the wider landscape. The possibility and inevitability of change is recognised, and angela realises and celebrates her life.
The Black Sequin Dress
A woman leaves her children for an evening to go to a nightclub. In a moment of indecision she glances back, slips and falls. Money, desire and dreams converge as she enters a surreal world of haunting colours and lyrical distortions.
The Point Isn't To Tell You
The man confronts his everyday world. He faces his aloneness inside the four walls of his room.

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