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Jules Bradley has it all. Devoted husband, high achieving kids, forty-five years old today but she doesn't look a day over twenty-one. Honestly. And she has prepared a special birthday brunch to celebrate. But her children, Tom and Jessica, are not prepared to play along with the lies any more. They are taking power back. Because soon they'll forget what is real and what is fantasy.
Femeia lui Schopenhauer (De vrouw van Schopenhauer)
Piesa dezvăluie o perioadă din viața lui Arthur Schopenhauer, începând cu terminarea studiilor și mutatul împreună cu mama sa Johanna, situație de care nu este mulțumit. Se izolează în camera lui și iese doar când vin oaspeți, în rest aflându-se într-o continuă confruntare cu mama sa.
Injury Time
Four elderly people have to spend their remaining years together in a senior residence. In this unfamiliar environment, they struggle to make their lives worth living. They try to hold on to fading memories or to find the love of their lives. Or they just wait for their heart to stop beating and free them from the burden of a life without meaning.
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To give life its spell back are needed. Better tricks always wanted to know where you end up if you get into a disappearing box? Vielfalt offers a glimpse into the inner world of a magician. Where dexterous tricks yet prove less transparent than we suspect. Here nothing is what it seems. Furniture and people, everything and everyone has a double bottom. And then see yet again to find a way out. In Vielfalt a man undertakes a bold attempt to find. His lost lover back. Is this manipulation or magic? And in whose reality we actually ended? Vielfalt is about desire and fantasy, of illusion and disillusion. Vielfalt is a story about love and a tribute to the theatrical imagination.

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Biografie Jeroen Van den Berg 

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Jeroen Van den Berg

Jeroen Van den Berg s-a nascut la data de 1966 in , Olanda.

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