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A Brand New Life
After 18 years of marriage, a middle-aged couple has to face the prospect of having their first child.
Make Like a Dog
To relieve the tedium of their childless, suburban existence, Elvira suggests that Stanley should have a hobby—but what he wants is a dog, and this Elvira will not allow in their spotless, dust-free house. But, to humor him, she agrees to make-believe that she is a dog—and he its master—barking and rolling over as directed. Then Stanley takes his turn, and the game begins to be more farcical and yet, at the same time, rather menacing and even cruel. Behind their antic behavior there are hints of resentments and frustrations, and the threat of ugliness and disorder should the game get out of hand. So it is abandoned, somewhat sheepishly, and Stanley and Elvira retreat to their former, more normal behavior, where boredom leads only to talk, rather than the disquieting risks that action can bring.
Princess Rebecca Birnbaum
In the living room of the Birnbaum's Bronx apartment, Rebecca's mother, her married sister and her piano teacher wait eagerly for Rebecca's appearance in the dress she has chosen for her first prom. When she whirls in they are distressed to find that she has picked an ultra-simple white frock, which may complement her natural, fresh charm but, in their view, does nothing to "gild the lily."
Queen of the Stardust Ballroom
A lonely widow and a postman find romance late in life at the local dance hall.
Saturday Night
On Saturday night, Rochelle Harris is, as usual, expecting her friend Ellie. As soon as her father leaves she excitedly changes into a splashy hostess gown and covers the drab furniture with bright-colored spreads, much as she has covered her life. Then she proceeds to share cultural and sexual fantasies with her friend while damning the world, her own in particular, for its crudeness, insensitivity, dreariness. Rochelle fears going mad, the same fate as her mother, and we soon realize just how troubled Rochelle really is.
Suburban Tragedy
Bored with the routine of suburban housekeeping, Mrs. Goldman has taken a summer English course—and has fallen in love with her instructor, Mr. Stein, a soft-spoken, highly intelligent young man who has opened her eyes to the joy of learning. After the final exam, Mrs. Goldman and Mr. Stein at last have a moment alone and, overcoming her reserve, Mrs. Goldman draws him into a conversation that becomes increasingly personal and impassioned, as Mrs. Goldman confesses her loneliness, her sense of futility, and the desires which Mr. Stein has aroused within her. Touched, but reluctant to encourage her, Mr. Stein does however admit that his own life has not been without problems. But while their mutual unhappiness is real to both of them it does not, and cannot, draw them together—and they part with the bittersweet knowledge that their differences are too great to be reconciled in a clandestine affair.
The Black Stallion Returns
A teenager loses his horse in Morocco and gets him back after various daredevil adventures.
Young Marrieds at Play
Joe and Adam, two boyhood friends who grew up together in the slums, meet by chance and decide to get together, with their wives, for a social evening. But the pleasant memories of old times are soon submerged in the differences which the years have brought. Joe is now a teacher, married to a rich wife who also teaches, and drawn to drinking more than he should. Adam, still a rough diamond, and given to remarks which are offensive to Joe's wife, works in his father-in-law's furniture store, and vents his frustrations on his inane, but long-suffering wife, Ava.

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Jerome Kass

Jerome Kass s-a nascut la data de 21 aprilie 1937 in , SUA.

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