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Crunchy Silk
here’s something wrong with Astrid. At least, that’s what Olivia says. But Marlo says Astrid is fine, Olivia's the one who's batshit. Round and round and round it goes and when it stops, someone dies.
The story of 3 women - each with a very dangerous secret. Harper and Samantha have been friends forever. They grew up sharing everything - including their mothers. But now it seems Harper may have taken that a little too far. After a three month vanishing act, Samantha returns home and the three find themselves reunited - by chance - in an elevator. The masks are up. The smiles are on. Everybody has a story and they're sticking to it. Then, the elevator breaks down. The trio suddenly find themselves trapped. And when the conversation runs out, silence takes over. Suddenly, keeping a secret isn't as easy as any of them thought.
Mum is washing pills down with vodka. Nana is cutting up the family photos. And Dad has done something unforgivable. When Grace discovers her husband is having an affair with her daughter, she must confront the truth and do what it takes to fix her family for their son. Intense, darkly comic, peppered with ferocious verbal duels and electrifying reveals, Fix explores the contemporary blended family and questions unconditional love.
Meryl lives a quiet life with her daughter Fern, but this evening she seems to be expecting guests, guests she doesn’t want there or for Fern to meet. Ever. Why? Because the guests are Fern’s aunt Neva and Neva’s eccentric and mildly confused lover Ann. And Fern, until the moment that she bursts in on them at dinner has never known of their existence. It’s time for Meryl and Neva to fess up to their secrets.
Mum's dead. And now they're heading back to the one place they swore they'd never go again. Home. One Vegan. One Teacher. One Black Sheep. Forced apart, they're together again in a car too small for a decade's worth of baggage. It's the road trip they never wanted to take.Sometimes when you're going through hell, it's better to keep going.

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Jess Sayer

Jess Sayer s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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