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An adaption of her novel, the play is set in the Philippines, Hagedorn's birthplace (she immigrated to the United States in the 1960s) and the inspiration for much of her work. The "dogs" are an extraordinary array of homeless delinquents and disaffected youths, and the novel reflects Hagedorn's impressive ability to dramatize a wide range of social types.
Fe in the Desert
The play focuses around Fe, a complicated woman, and takes place in the isolated American desert inside the dramatic commotion of her broken marriage and a home invasion and burglary. The characters contend with each other's hidden fears, lost desires, and broken dreams over the course of a wild and dark night. Spiraling back in time, each character's memories take us to places far and wide - from Hollywood to the American desert to the penitentiary. In her true hybrid style, Hagedorn morphs Filipino melodrama with full fledged musicality, contemporary poetry, and intense personal struggle.
Silent Movie

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Biografie Jessica Hagedorn 

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Jessica Hagedorn

Jessica Hagedorn s-a nascut la data de 1949 in Manila, SUA.

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