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The relationships of the young, the aging and the middle-aged and between urban life and nature at the end of the millennium.
Amigo's Blue Guitar
When 19-year-old Sander sponsors Elias, a Salvadoran refugee to come to his B.C. gulf island home, his family must face his story of oppression, especially Sander's sister Callie who has fallen in love with him.
Another Home Invasion
Joan MacLeod takes on a very topical subject in Another Home Invasion. Home invasions are in the news frequently and these violations of the spaces we regard as sacrosanct are deeply unsettling. Of course this play involves the hapless, substance-abusing, middle-aged petty criminal we expect to find there, but is he the real threat to the home?s occupants? He even shows up for a return visit. Who, then, are the real perpetrators of the heartless betrayal of the elderly couple who lives here. Who is it that is robbing them of their possessions, their security, their relationship, their family ? their home? The answers to this questions are as surprising as they are unsettling.
Alistair is a retired farmer who lives with his sister-in-law Flora and son Ewan on their family homestead. The fields have long been leased out and the house is in disrepair. The scattered remnants of the family are gathering for a shaky reunion that soon turns acrimonious. Alistair suffers a stroke and his illness finally releases the memory of a secret that he had buried deep within himself years ago. He longs for Katie, the younger sister he was forced to leave behind in Scotland when he came to Canada in 1922 was a 'home child', part of the child migration scheme that sent over 80,000 children from Britain to Canada between 1860 and 1930.
It's Valentine's Day, and Marjorie reminisces aloud about the loss of her husband on the Ocean Ranger and her decision to begin her life anew.
Little Sister
Tackling the issues of self-image, weight preoccupation and eating disorders in teenaged girls, Little Sister tells the story of five teenagers - three girls and two boys - who are caught in the web of contradictory messages about how they should look, feel and behave.
The Hope Slide
In "The Hope Slide", natural disaster becomes a metaphor for the AIDS crisis. 1993 Chalmers Canadian Play Award Winner. "Little Sister", MacLeod's first script for young audiences, tackles the issues of self-image, weight preoccupation, and eating disorders.
The Shape of a Girl
"The Shape of a Girl" goes far beyond a simple dramatization of the seemingly inexplicable code of silence and tacit complicity that surrounded the sensationalixed Reena Virk murder in 1997 on which the play is based. It speaks eloquently and compassionately and offers the embrace of trust as the only way out of the circle of violence.
The Valley
Inspired by the 2007 death of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport, The Valley dramatizes the often volatile relationship between law enforcement and people in the grip of mental illness. The play connects both sides of this relationship by portraying two families embattled with depression, each guided by good intentions but challenged by their own flawed humanity.
Toronto, Mississippi
Jhana, a mentally handicapped teenager, lives with her mother and a cheerfully morose poet. Jhana's estranged father - a professional Elvis impersonator - arrives unexpectedly. What follows is an exploration of fragmented identities and fractured understandings.

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Joan MacLeod

Joan MacLeod s-a nascut la data de 1954 in Vancouver, Canada.

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