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Set in the academic and bohemian world of Australia in the 1920s. Its central character is Colum O'Fallon, a sort of two-bob Yeats who could be modelled on anybody from Christopher Brennan to Vincent Buckley. He is convinced he's a poet and everybody - including his family - must sway to his will and wear his arrogant scorn.
Two sisters, unalike, yet sharing a lust for life. When one dies, the other finds herself in the void that can only be created by the loss of a loved one. Alice is trying to raise the dead – so she can finally have the last word.
Set in 1917, Gathering follows the journey of Ellen Eagleton, a classical scholar who is frustrated by her attempts to advance her theories in Europe, and heads for Australia to find a connection to the mystical beginnings of humanity through a study of Indigenous Australians. She is accompanied by her lover, the much younger James Priest, and all the prejudices of early anthropology. She arrives in Melbourne careless of the potential scandal her domestic arrangements might cause in an unsophisticated small town and convinced she can trace the beginnings of the human spirit. She begins by interrogating her Koori domestic servant Estelle. Estelle has little knowledge of her heritage, and wants none and Ellen’s questions are unwelcome – as is James’ collection of Indigenous skulls. Ellen and James encounter the local scholar Penniman and his daughter Mary. James proposes marriage to Mary – and leaves Ellen feeling betrayed and abandoned. Ellen and Estelle build a relationship as Ellen struggles to come to terms with James’ betrayal.
Palace Revolution
Jake was the perfect sixties revolutionary married to the perfect feminist partner. Between them Jake and Camilla embody all that was apparently good about the boomer generation – and all of its lost promise. Their children Simone and Alex absorbed sixties ideology with their morning organic muesli – and have gone in very different directions. Alex is a chef and lives his life in perfect hedonistic indifference, Simone works for an NGO in South East Asia. When Simone returns home unexpectedly after 911 and the protests in Melbourne that eerily happened just one year before, the family is set for a reunion that will explode family mythologies and finally make Alex take a stand.
A man returns to his broken city from a devastating war. He brings home a vision of the end of the world. In the middle of the banalities of everyday life and political expediency, events converge on a single point of action. The play explores lovers, mothers, sons, fathers and politics in the end times.
The Method
Marnie and Katerina attend an acting class that is more than it seems. When they decide to work on Genet’s The Maids, all hell breaks loose.
Victory Girls
Naomi is an installation artist who has reached a crossroads in her life – her relationship with Peter seems to be going nowhere, and her work has stalled. She is intensely caught up in the drama of her family history – her strongest relationships are with her brother Miles and her enigmatic grandmother Violet – once a music hall artist, now living alone in a flat haunted by the spirit of her dead husband, Naomi’s grandfather. As Naomi comes closer and closer to uncovering the secrets of her grandfather’s life, the family begins to fall apart and the malevolence of her grandfather’s spirit begins to be felt in the daylight world. Digging into a past that traces the damage done by two world wars, Naomi uncovers a truth that allows her to move forward with her life – but not without a terrible cost.
Martin is a demagogue on the rise, a man whose dangerous fascination is matched by an underlying lack of definition. Louise and Lissa, childhood friends, are both in love with him, or in love with the idea of him, or in love with the idea of being in love with him. And then there's Fergus... When is sex politics and when is politics sex? When is fighting for the common good just looking out for yourself? Where does friendship begin and end? Web makes some powerful, thought-provoking observations on how the love/sex/politics dynamic operates, not just in politics, but in all our relationships.

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