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A Chosen Room
A Ghost Story
Oswald and Hackett, two hikers, seek shelter from a winter blizzard in an isolated Maine cabin. They are joined by a mysterious girl, Soma, who disclaims any knowledge of who might have laid the fire in the hearth, or who owns the knapsack which rests in the corner. To while away the time the three tell each other ghost stories-at first vividly fanciful and then suddenly disquieting as the imagined becomes real in the blood-curdling climax.
A Gothic Tale
Eliza is a woman obsessed by the idea of being loved keeps a man prisoner in the tower of an island mansion. She and her manservant visit the prisoner, Isaac, warning him that, unless he confesses his love for Eliza, he will die. Finally, just before he expires from starvation, Isaac capitulates-whereupon a large cupboard is opened to reveal the ghoulish remains of other men who have preceded him to this sinister place.
A Witch's Brew
The plot takes place in the darkened basement of a remote farmhouse, where Daed, his sister Jule, and her boyfriend Tucker, nervously explore the macabre secrets of the shallow graves which they believe to be there. Performed in semi-darkness, the play makes eloquent use of the powerful-and frightening-imagery of words to build to its shocking and terrifying denouement.
Agnes, aleasa lui Dumnezeu (Agnes of God)
A young nun is accused of murdering an infant she gave birth to in a cloistered convent. The psychiatrist assigned to her case meets opposition in the convent’s Mother Superior, and all three women explore questions of Faith, Memory, and the meaning of Sainthood.
Chapter Twelve: The Frog
While dissecting a frog, a babbling young girl stops talking long enough to discover she is losing her boyfriend to her lab partner.
J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, delivers a commencement address to the students of St. Andrew’s University, Scotland. In telling about the heroes he has known throughout his life, each an example of courage in the face of adversity, Barrie opens the locked door to his own life.
An elderly woman, world-famous and –infamous, returns to her alma mater to give a commencement address. But she has an ulterior motive – she wishes to visit her husband, the true love of her life whom she hasn’t seen for decades, and who now resides in a cloistered monastery.
Haunted Lives
Haunted Lives is a collection of three short plays, all of them spook-related. The first is a short romp in the dark, appropriate for Halloween; the second is an odd little ghost tale. The third, A Gothic Tale, is the longest and most serious.
Impassioned Embraces
Dealing largely with the many aspects of love (from the sublime to the ridiculous) and with the trials and terrors that actors must face, the plays mingle hilarity and poignancy as they explore the problems that romance-and the need for self-expression-can engender. We encounter, for example, an actor struggling through a particularly devastating rehearsal; two teenagers gingerly dissecting a frog-and their sex lives; a bridegroom who finds that he really loves the bridesmaid rather than the bride; a woman who tries to pick up a man in a bar; a couple chattering through a "splatter film" whose conversation is even wilder, and more intriguing, than the soundtrack of the movie; an assortment of sad/funny monologues about the various perils of the acting profession; and a wildly funny farce involving a man about to undergo a vasectomy, a shockingly inept doctor, an irate nurse, and the doctor's madly jealous wife.
In Storyville, New Orleans, 1917, on the eve of the red-light district’s closing, sailors are celebrating on their way to war, too many whores are falling in love, the music known as Jass is on the verge of heading north, and a serial killer known as the Ripper is about to strike again.
Madonna and Child
Art-and-antiques restorer Jack discovers what may or may not be a priceless masterpiece hidden behind a mirror, while his mother Lena tries to get him to return to the Catholic Church. Meanwhile an African priest struggles with the Vatican in an attempt to have a martyred nun canonized, and a female investigator probes deep as she can into the life and death of a possible saint with terrible secrets.
Sleight of Hand
A magician is accused of murder by a persistent detective. Is he as innocent as he protests he is? Is the detective really a detective? What happens when professional tricksters try to out-trick the other?
Slow Dance with a Hot Pickup
Eight people stand around a pickup truck, each holding one hand on the truck for as long as humanly possible. One by one they drop out. The last one standing wins the truck.
Soledad Brother
Adaptation of George Jackson's prison letters.
Steeplechase The Funny Place
Steeplechase is the bright sister to Jass. There is no darkness here, not really. A few shadows, perhaps, but they are mostly in the future. Angelo is the optimistic ballyhooer of life, unlike Jerico’s seductive purveyor of death. Steeplechase is all cotton candy.
The Boys of Winter
In December, 1968, a group of American soldiers in Viet Nam are dropped in the jungle on a secret mission. What happens over the next few days changes lives – and leads to a court-martial examining a civilian massacre perpetrated by the lieutenant leading the original mission.
The Classics Professor
Into Professor Alexander's class 'Comedy in Greek Tragedy' steps Daemon, a beautiful young man who turns the good professor's life upside-down. Alexander, who is translating and directing a college production of The Bacchae, suddenly finds that his own life mirrors Euripides's play about losing one's sanity in the throws of passion. This is a comedy about love, lust, madness, death, incest, infidelity and bubblegum
The Exorcist
An adaptation of the novel by William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist is the story of a child possessed, a mother frantic to save her, a priest on the verge of losing his faith, and the exorcist who, in a sense, brings salvation to all.
Voci în întuneric (Voices in the Dark)
Talk-show host Doctor Lil takes a much-needed vacation with her husband in a cabin in the Adirondacks. Except her husband doesn’t show up – and an unwanted guest does.
Renowned mountaineer Willi Unsoeld takes us on three of his most harrowing climbs, challenges us to push our own personal boundaries, and comes face-to-face with the realization of his own vulnerability in this 90-minute one-person show about the terrifying holiness of wilderness.
Young Rube
Young Rube Goldberg’s father knows exactly what’s best for him – follow the logic of life to your humdrum destiny! But Rube wants to be an artist, and he can only find his dream the hard way: via a Muse and a Sewer pipe and an invisible Boob.

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John Pielmeier

John Pielmeier s-a nascut la data de 29 februarie 1949 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, SUA.

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