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What's the difference between the Turkey & Giblets Dinner and Fisherman's Catch Banquet? This seemingly benign question arises in the pet food aisle of a grocery store as privileged college grads Michael and Conrad argue over the ethics of caring for an abandoned cat in their apartment complex. But as their debate heats up, Michael has a surprising and unsettling encounter that starts to reveal the complexity and proximity of the world hunger crisis.
Alice Threw the Looking Glass: A Parody of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style
Based on the terse style manual by Strunk and White and drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll, this play explores the fantasy world of language in all its grotesque mutations. When Alice, a first-year college student, is pulled into the hallucinatory world of her composition paper, she has to navigate through a wonderland of style to find her own voice.
Circumference of a Squirrel
An inner-tube, a bagel, a donut, a lifesaver, a holiday wreath, a tire-swing, a cycle of abuse: circles—both real and figurative—whirl out-of-control in this one-man show. And, at the center of them all, sits a tiny squirrel. Orbiting that squirrel is Chester, a self- described “rondentophobe” who spins the outlandish, funny, and bruising tale of growing up with a father who developed a rabid hatred for squirrels—a hatred that eventually infected every aspect of his and his son’s life. Pursued by memories of his intolerant father and the legacy of bigotry, Chester is pulled into the black-hole that is at the center of his own life where he encounters the mistakes, the fears, the guilt and the humanity that make him whole again.
Craving Gravy or Love in the Time of Cannibalism
A post-apocalyptic romantic comedy that tells the tale of two wanderers, Gilroy and Delroy, as they journey through a wasteland of meaning. Their search for sustenance, however, yields something far more magical than the four food groups as they discover hope and divinity in each other.
DoubleTime is a musical comedy that slams the Harlem Renaissance up against “post-race” America and brings together two mismatched artists who, together, rewrite one’s past and write the other’s future. Meet Cas Jones, a geeky writer hired by a white gangsta rapper, named Dr. D., to create a musical about the legendary black impresario from the Harlem Renaissance, Leonard Harper. It’s a musical within a musical within musical about cultural appropriation with soaring songs and pound-the-floor dance numbers that pit old school tap against new school Oakland turfing in a cutting contest that reaches across the ages.
Happiness 1.0
When Doug discovers he’s read every self-help book in Barnes and Noble, he searches to cure his chronic unhappiness with a shiny new App that holds tantalizing allure.
In the Book Of
explores the ongoing debate on Immigration. In the play, two women—Naomi, an Army lieutenant and Anisah, her Afghan translator—lose their husbands in the war. Upon discharge, the young officer sees the danger her translator is in, and brings Anisah with her to her home in Mississippi. When they arrive, this act of kindness is met with open hostility by Naomi’s sister-in-law, Gail, who is running for mayor on an immigration platform (similar to those being enacted in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and other states) and makes the immigrant’s deportment the focus of her campaign. But things get complicated when Gail's own son stands up for what he thinks is right. By turns funny and moving, this timeless story adapted from the Old Testament challenges notions of what it means to be an American as it contemplates the redemptive power of welcoming the stranger.
Iraq: A Love Story
Prosperous and ambitious, Gary West has recently taken over the reigns of a large corporation from his father. He is determined to succeed where his father failed and move the corporation into a new era. But when he encounters Leila—a former mistress of his father—his good intentions collide with desire and touches off a fire-fight with Leila’s volatile and abusive husband Frank, and within himself. As Gary becomes more obsessed with Leila, his actions and justifications to possess her have real consequences in the lives surrounding him.
I don’t recommend puking in a ficus tree. It’s really hard to get that smell out of the potting soil,” comments Truly--the beautifully damaged middle-school history teacher who stubbornly refuses to examine her own history. But when a mint green floral tea pot from Occupied Japan, an enamel tea cup from the American Revolution, and other ancient tea sets begin arriving at her door, Truly comes face to face with her own past and the dying mother she has tried to beat from her memory. As Truly sifts through the shards of her broken relationship with her mother, her own relationships begin to break apart, and she is forced to confront the tyranny of her own perspective. Steeped in ferocity with lumps of quirky humor, Tea-Totaled, explores the fragility of human relationships, the addictive nature of negativity, and how personal desolation and a post office box in a Mail Boxes Etc. might just lead you to discover the beauty in your own and others imperfections.
The Dinosaur Within
The disappearance of ancient dinosaur footprints in the Australian outback triggers a series of mysterious events bringing together a forgotten movie star, an Aboriginal Australian elder and a haunted newsman on an epic journey of transformation. From the subway tunnels beneath Hollywood Boulevard to the vastness of the Australian desert, time bends, continents shift, and the fragile bonds between parents and children undergo a miraculous evolution. Dreamtime meets the dream factory when worlds collide in this play that ponders the depth of human loss, the mysteries of family, and the possibility of redemption in hearts willing to grow.
The Nature of Mutation
When a private foundation offers a large grant to a financially troubled prep school, it gives the ailing school a chance at survival. The catch is that the school must alter its science curriculum to teach Intelligent Design along side evolution. The offer ignites a 150-year-old grudge match that reawakens the spirit of Thomas Henry Huxley—the Victorian scientist known as “Darwin’s Bulldog”—and polarizes the community as it forces individuals to take sides. From the first public debate over evolution in 1869 to the current debate over how it is taught in our schools, The Nature of Mutation whimsically explores what happens when opposing viewpoints collide, and traces the inner leaps of trust and faith one needs to make to find common ground.

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