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Babies With Rabies
A group of Off-Off Broadway theatre people, led by Max the director and Jonesy the playwright attempt to put on a play about a group of inmates in an asylum putting on a play about a dystopian world where a plague causes toddlers to turn homicidal. Max wants his secret girlfriend Tina to have the star turn, while Jonesy is trying to impress Miriam's bigwig father by making her the star. Meanwhile, the inmates are planning on taking over the asylum in the middle of putting on a play, but not all the inmates are in on the plot. Finally, Terry goes on a mission to infiltrate evil scientist Gary's lab in order to find a cure for the dread disease plaguing the land. (This all makes more sense on stage, I promise)
The 4 AM 'Lizbeth
Three childhood friends meet past midnight at an abandoned railway track, rumored to be haunted by a ghost train known as the 4am 'lizbeth. They have problems. Jay just found out his girlfriend is pregnant. Jerry is trying to cope with the recent death of his father while trying to keep his mother and sister from falling apart. And Eddie is sick. The next act flashes back four years to their senior year in high school when they still had a few dreams and somewhat great expectations. The last act flashes forward four years after the events of the first act. This is a play about life in the New Jersey town/city of Elizabeth, NJ.
The Green Dragon: A Modern Myth
The Green Dragon is a myth set in the modern world. It tells the story of a community staggering to its feet after a devastating loss, sending a hero out to avenge them, and then finally healing and moving on.
The Madison Play
James is alone in his apartment battling depression while trying to write an article about the American Constitution for a political blog. In between phone calls from his well meaning but overbearing sister, he debates Constitutional philosophy and today’s politics with an imaginary James Madison who seems to have intentions of his own. Meanwhile, random tweets appear from Henry, a young lawyer with a great job and a great life; and was the object of James’ unrequited love many years ago.
The Magnificent Mr. Vincent
Sam has just graduated from college, but his dreams are much bigger than a regular desk job. His band, The Pedestrians, is about to take off and he will settle for nothing less than superstardom. However, time happens, and Jack marries his sweetheart Judy, and suddenly routine sets in, with Sam and Mike going to the movies every week, and Sam gets involved with his day job. What happens to Sam when his big dreams die a slow death and he hurtles headfirst into banality?

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