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Act A Lady
When the men of a small Prohibition-era town decide to put on a play dressed in "fancy-type, women-type clothes," the whole community is affected: gender lines blur, eyebrows raise, identities explode, and life and art are forever entangled. A thoughtful
Amazons and Their Men
The Frau used to direct beautiful films for a fascist government. Now she's trying to make a film that's simply beautiful. The Frau casts herself in the lead role of the Amazon queen Penthesilea, who falls in love with Achilles on the battlefield of the Trojan War. She recruits a man from the Jewish ghetto to play her Achilles. Her own sister, a long-suffering extra, plays all the nameless Amazons killed in the background. With chariot crashes and adoring close-ups, it all has the makings of a glamorous war. But when telegrams start to arrive from the Minister of Propaganda, it becomes impossible for the Frau to ignore the real war outside her sound stage. A darkly comedic look at the role of artists during wartime, Amazons and Their Men is inspired by the life and work of Leni Riefenstahl.
Doris to Darlene - a Cautionary Valentine
Doris to Darlene, A Cautionary Valentine: In the candy-colored 1960s, biracial schoolgirl Doris is molded into pop star Darlene by a whiz-kid record producer who culls a top-ten hit out of Richard Wagner's "Liebestod." Rewind to the candy-colored 1860s, where Wagner is writing the melody that will become Darlene's hit song. Fast-forward to the not-so-candy-colored present, where a teenager obsesses over Darlene's music -- and his music teacher. Three dissonant decades merge into an unlikely harmony in this time-jumping pop fairy tale about the dreams and disasters behind one transcendent song.
Finn In The Underworld
In this contemporary Gothic tale, Gwen and her sister Rhoda are packing up the belongings -- and the secrets -- in their crooked childhood house. When Gwen's wayward son Finn arrives to harvest the more fashionable heirlooms, he meets a neighbor who is not what he seems. Finn's sexual curiosity draws him down into the fallout shelter, and into the heart of an unfinished ghost story. A sexually-charged thriller about what can happen when grief goes unspoken.
Fit For Feet
Moll, a girl who invents things, wins the science fair with a machine for hearing sounds that can't be heard. But when a shapeshifting Mercenary steals the invention (and her heart), she must embark on a quest to save noise as we know it. Accompanied by the last boy-virgin in the eleventh grade, Moll crosses chasms and rafts rivers into a world where sound is always more than what meets the ear. A quirky fable of innocence and experience, featuring live sound effects, mutinous onomatopoeia, and a host of woodsy temptations.
Kid-Simple: a radio play in the flesh
Jame needs a new exhibit for the museum after things go missing.
Marjorie Prime
In a future around 2050, 85-year old Marjorie is experiencing the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. To bring her comfort, her daughter Tess and son-in-law Jon hire a service called Prime, designed to aid Alzheimer patients by creating holographic projections of deceased family members in order to "feed" them with memories as well as storing others, so they can "retell" them back in case the patient forgets them. Marjorie has chosen a younger version of her late husband Walter, who passed away fifteen years ago. This choice disturbs Tess, as she does not trust the system's functionalities and therefore does not talk to Walter's hologram.
Museum Play, The

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Jordan Harrison

Jordan Harrison s-a nascut la data de 1977 in , SUA.

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