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Four teenaged boys prowl the perimeter of the their small town late one night in a stolen car. Frustrated and bored, their actions descend into easy violence- the consequences of which one of them will never forget. Degrees is a multi-character piece for a solo actor.
When the image of Jesus Christ appears on the donut shop where she works, teenaged Casey's life is forever changed. Yearning to escape from the hopeless, pious boondock which she calls home, Casey tries to "spin" the Jesus apparition towards her own fortune, fame and farewell. During the week leading up to Christmas Day, Casey becomes the ringmaster of a growing faith-circus. . . a circus rapidly spinning out of control.
A life-or-death grudge match for the future of Loam Bay, Newfoundland- a tiny outport community facing government resettlement in 1969. Abbey Shea, the local schoolteacher, finds herself fighting an emotional battle for the survival of "home". Set entirely in a one-room schoolhouse, Whereverville is a dramatic play which unfolds in "real time".

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Josh MacDonald

Josh MacDonald s-a nascut la data de in , Canada.

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