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A Thousand Souls
This is the second play in the trilogy in which the actual events that took place in Yugoslavia are being investigated by the son of one of the mothers.
An Evening With Stephen Leacock
This presentation features Stark as the disheveled McGill University professor - a Leacock trademark, and draws upon Leacock's vast body of work which consists of over forty volumes of humor and essays. Leacock's style was much like Mark Twains'. One of his most famous sketches, "My financial career" was first published in LIFe magazine in 1896. the story focuses on the plight of a bashful young man's first brush with the intimidating world of high finance. It is typical Leacock: the little man, Chaplinesque in character; always at odds with the machinations of modern society; never quite fitting in anywhere; confused, perplexed, flustered, and someone that everyone can identify with. By the 1920, Leacock had become the most widely read humorist in the english speaking language.
Chekhov And Maria
Anton Chekhov is suffering from a terminal case of T.B., and trying to complete his last play the Cherry Orchard. His sister Maria is constantly at his side until she discovers that her brother anton has secretly married the infamous Moscow art theatre actress Olga Knipper. There is a confrontation which is resolved and Chekhov completes his play and leaves for Moscow. A short time later he dies and bequeaths all his literary works to his sister Maria.
Marko the Prince
More investigations take place in Yugoslavia to trace the origins of the family that were sympathetic to the Germans and others that were at odds with them.
Mercy Warren's Tea
Founding Mother, Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814), America's first woman playwright and historian, secretly authored anti- British plays that sparked Revolutionary sentiment . Mercy Warren gives a tea party welcoming important guests - including abigail adams and Peggy arnold. Tensions mounts as the play unfolds and we learn more about our leading political figures of the time. . .and secrets are revealed.
Name Day
This play was inspired by a W.W.11 incident in Yugoslavia, when the Germans were attacking the country. Two women were hiding in a barn with their babies. One of women smothered her child so the crying would not be detected by the Germans. the other mother let her baby cry out and when they were discovered by the Germans she became a traitor and joined the Germans. Years later the two mothers meet again in Glendale Ca. the son and daughter of the two mothers have become engaged but the the marriage is halted because of the World War 11 incident.
Nightsong For the Boatman
The play centers on aging, alcoholic, washed-up poet Harry appleman. When he attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge, Harry is stopped by a sardonic boatman. the boatman wants Harry to give his life to the devil - unless Harry wins a round of dice. after Harry loses, he must cross the River Styx or find a willing participant to go in his place. Director John Stark was rummaging through the belongings of his deceased wife, playwright Jovanka Bach, when he uncovered a never before seen copy ofNightsong For the Boatman, which she had written more than twenty years ago and never shown him. - nytheatre.com
O'Neill's Ghosts
A sequel to "a Long Day's Journey Into Night".
The Family Glembay
Adaptec from the work of Miroslav Krleza, a Yugoslavian Nobel Prize nominee.

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Jovanka Bach

Jovanka Bach s-a nascut la data de 1937 in , SUA.

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