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Pick A Pack Of Pirates
Written especially for the Town and Country Players, who performed it over 200 times, this show works best for children from 4-9 years.
Doctor Foster and Major Brassblow are the owners of a tank factory and a missile factory. As a result of their mutual suspicion they find themselves working on each other's assembly lines.
The Haunting Of Frogwash Farm
Felicity Frogwash, the owner of Frogwash Farm, is besieged by two suitors whose motives aren't as pure as they would like them to seem.
The Planets Of No
Muddly and Puddly farewell their daughter, Agapanthus, as she sets off on a tour of space. There she meets exes, dingaloos, and robots all living on planets that have their own special rules or no rules at all.

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Joy Cowley

Joy Cowley s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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