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Alive and Kicking
When her youngest son announces that he has just got married Gloria feels her life is over. She tries to sell the family home so that she can move into an apartment near to the funeral parlour.
Alopacia Plot
Bald headed men of the world unite - it is time to take over!
Cannibalism In Cars
Eight congressmen are trapped in a train. When they run out of food, they form a committee to decide who should be eaten first.
Chekhov's Ladies
Seven famous Chekhov short stories theatriclized for stage presentations. the tales showcase 7 of the master's most fascinating women and their interactions with the men in their lives. From a Drama about suicide to a comedy about seduction, this evening of short plays entertains and enlightens.
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
It is the final months of Dr. Jekyll's life as he and Mr. Hyde are fighting for life and control. they are battling for Jekyll's body, money, status, and the love of the same woman.
Friar Falstaff
A new take on one of Shakespeare's most beloved characters. Recently dismissed by the king for his dissolute ways, Falstaff arrives at the monastery where his only brother is a novice. Falstaff has been evicted by his landlady, and can't stand living with his mother. He tells his brother that their mother desperately want him to leave the monastery and father children because she's afraid that their line will die out. the brother believes Falstaff's story and escapes from the monastery
Goodbye, Fay Wray (Chip Off Olympus)
Set in Los Angeles a funny bizarre family each in their separate ways attempt to find something in life that will give them an illusion of greatness.
Hubie's Best Friend
Two college room mates the studious one and the jock. the jock keeps stealing the girl friends of the studious one. So the studious one invents a fictitious girl to keep the jock at bay.
Inflatable You
George Ibus was once a child movie star but is now a bit player. He is married to Evelyn Max a popular movie star. And that is his problem. He needs to take his frustration out on someone so he buys an inflatable doll and pretends it is Evelyn.
Live Drawing: the Mona Lisa
It took three years for Leonardo da Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa - what went on during the sessions.
Membranous Croup
An overly protective mother and an overly protected father fear their daughter has the croup. the father has the last laugh when the doctor finds nothing wrong.
Old Goat Song
Bill Fast, a 71-year-old widower, becomes friends with Cara, a 17-year-old waitress who reminds him of his late wife when she was that age. Bill's sister Cora, who lives with him, is jealous of the attention he pays to the young girl and fears that Cara will wheedle her way into her brother's will. Angry over the expensive gifts Bill has lavished on the girl, Cora accuses Bill of falling in love with her and storms off.
Prince Lear
A new take on characters from Shakespeare's King Lear. the King's three daughters await the birth of another child. the king is hoping for a son, an heir. the girls hope otherwise. their mother dies in childbirth, and by the time the King returns home, the baby is dead as well.
Romance Ranch
Examine the idea of romance in the modern world.
Shylock's Daughter
A new take on characters from Shakespeare's the Merchant of Venice. Shylock's 16 year old daughter has fallen in love with a Catholic boy. She's even willing to convert. the two find a priest who, while at first unwilling to marry them, is swayed by the offer of gold that the girl can steal from her father.
Sire de Maldroit's Door
Sire de Maldroit has set a trap for his niece's secret lover - but someone else falls into it by accident.
Spirit Of Hispania
Five short plays that explore Latin-American mythology for all ages and cultures.
Subject To Change
Two sisters with markedly different personalities and language live together in New York, when one decides to get married the other is determined to spoil the event.
Support Your Local Police
Mr. Simons loses his elephant and goes to the police chief who gets credit and a reward for getting rid of the elephant while Mr. Simons goes to jail for creating a public nuisance.
Jimmy (the Arm) Younkers, after many successful prior years of big-league pitching stardom, and extravagant living, has decided to "hold-out" on signing the reduced contract resulting from his failing record of recent seasons. But while Jimmy's athletic powers are waning, his destructive lifestyle has yet to run its course. Having walked out on his wife and children he continues to pursue romantic assignations with ladies near and far; he borrows money he knows he will never repay; he indulges every impulse and has no hesitation in dragging others down with him; and in general, he refuses to admit that the days of glory are over. But, throughout, he remains cocky, irreverent and unfailingly funny as he moves through a series of events in which humor, human frailty and ultimate poignancy are blended with rare theatrical skill.
Tear Along the Dotted Line
A mother moves into the room next door to the one her student daughter is sharing with a friend. During their absences she sneaks in and does the housework. the girls are being driven mad by this - can you charge someone with breaking and entering and vacuuming?
That Pig Morin
Guy de Maupassant, adapted by Jules Tasca. Monsieur Morin, a homely looking man, gets an urge, while riding on a train, to kiss a young girl. He does and is arrested and disgraced. To try to prevent the girl from taking the matter to court, he enlists the help of his best friend, Labarbe. He sends Labarbe to see the girl, Henriette, with the aim of dissuading her from pressing the matter. However, Labarbe, because he is handsome, can take every liberty he pleases with Henriette, and she loves it.
The Balkan Women
A meditation on the horror of war set in 1990 brings the spirit of Euripides to a Serbian detention camp for Muslim women.
The Beautiful Princess Sasha
A princess is so beautiful that her father has always kept her hidden away. He finally gives a party in her honour. Two young men fight over her and one is killed. Full of remorse as to what has happened the princess swops faces with an ugly witch.
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
Based on the novel by C S Lewis.
The MacDuff Tragedy
A new take on characters from Shakespeare's Macbeth. As Macduff surveys the carnage and the corpses of his dead family, they come to life and vent their recriminations against him for his actions. It's better to be alive and in sorrow than to be dead
The Mind with the Dirty Man
A small community film censor has problems when his son takes over the local cinema and wants to show 'foot fetish'
The Mission
Two men in a prison: One a convict for attempted murder, the other a priest who has decided to rehabilitate this prisoner. Things are not what they seem in this game of seduction, power and revenge press release.
Theater Trip
An actor in one character play pleads with author to give him a mate, author enters the play and resolves the dilemma.
Tour Di Europa
Related vignettes that follow a bus load of colourful Americans through Europe.
Women In Congress
Hilarious version of Aristophanes' Greek classic. Praxagora, the leader of the women of Athens, plots to take over the government which is run by men and replace it with a new order run by women. Praxagora has the women of Athens dress up as men and vote in congress to turn over the reins of leadership to the women. When this measure is passed, the women unanimously vote Praxagora in as the Chief Executrix. Praxagora and the women then proceed to turn the Greek world topsy turvy legislating free love, male female role reversal and a communistic utopia that brings on the unlikely proceedings to a funny festive conclusion.

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Jules Tasca

Jules Tasca s-a nascut la data de 10 decembrie 1938 in , SUA.

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