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It must be the second phase of adolescence the protagonists are living through in the paly. There are nine of them in total, all aged between 20 and 30, and they have not been teenagers for some time now, yet they still seem directionless and often amazingly despondent and resigned. Who am I? Who with? Alone, together? And where can you go when the Western world or your parents are supposedly giving you every opportunity. However, there are some of the protagonists for whom the future is no longer wide open and full of possibilities. Lucy is suffering from cancer and a thousand other diseases, in addition to which she is chained to an oxygen bottle, which limits her freedom of movement. Danka is having to get married, but for reasons that are more pragmatic than romantic: She needs a residence permit. A brooding, highly sensitive generation that circles around its sense of the self and has lost the naivety of earlier generations. The play is about love, about survival, about the fact that their lives surely ought to be starting at last. After all, they could easily last another 50 years.

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Juliane Kann

Juliane Kann s-a nascut la data de 1982 in Mecklenburg, Germania.

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