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Black Mary
The story of Aboriginal bushranger Mary Ann and her partner, Captain Thunderbolt, roaming northwestern New South Wales in the mid-nineteenth century. Dressed like the men, Mary Ann is one of the gang, managing to survive in the outback and to elude capture most of the time. She dreams of returning with Thunderbolt to live with her people but instead witnesses their massacre and plots revenge.
Strong political theme dealing with the relationship between police and Aboriginal people. An aboriginal family travels from Redfern to Wilga, a country town, for a football 'knockout' and a Debutante Ball. Arana meets her boyfriend Steven, an Aboriginal activist at the ball. Later that night, Steven is picked up by two of the local police and killed in custody. His ghost appears. Arana avenges his death.
Kerah Putih (The White Monkey)
Thirteen year old Lyssa is on holiday with her family in Bali. She meets a local boy, Ketut, at a temple, and they become friends. When they find a caged white monkey in the garden of a restaurant, they are determined to free him. As they approach the cage, however, the white monkey is transformed into Hanuman, the monkey lord, and takes the children on an epic journey where they encounter evil spirits, fire gods, and a monkey army. This play celebrates Indonesian culture and promotes environmental awareness through the protection of native animals, and uses Indonesian gamelan, drums, dance, masks and music.
Satan In Arizona
An Australian woman writer and two American men travel through Arizona on a drug deal. She encounters a young Navajo man and a path to self-destruction and redemption.
Season to Taste
A three part comic piece exploring the relationship between food, sex and sensuality across the cultural divide of Asia and Australia.
Tears Of The Poppy
Power, torture, political repression, rubies, Buddhist monks, gold, love and Australian business. Ursula Read is an Australian journalist who is visiting Burma with her lover James. They meet General Khint at dinner and become caught up in the political intrigue of Yangon.Ton Ton Swi, a young dissident woman, becomes friendly with the Australians in an attempt to publicise the democracy movement.The Australians are drawn into a web of intrigue and corruption with the military regime that leads them to the brink of destruction when a democracy rally is fired upon by troops.
The Crocodile Hotel
920 - a Makassan prahu (Indonesian fishing boat) sails to the Northern Territory. An Aboriginal man has a fight with one of the Makassans. The Aboriginal man is taken to Makassar for trial. 1970 - Jane and Jim are teachers in a remote Aboriginal school in the Northern Territory. They encounter racism and the hard life for the Aboriginal community. Jane has a love affair with David, an Aboriginal teacher. David is mysteriously killed and his body is found by Indonesian fishermen.
The Eyes of Marege
When an Australian Indigenous man, Birramen, fights with an Indonesian fisherman and kills him, he is taken back to Makassar to face trial. Five years later he returns to his island in the Northern Territory.

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