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Christmas In Meadows Manor
With little in common but their mutual dislike of the holiday, a man and a woman in an old folks home, remember the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and enjoy tequila straight up.
Him And Her On Christmas Eve
An adolescent boy and an adolescent girl, both gay and both geeks, give each other sex for Christmas. Could you say they were underwhelmed by the experience?
Last Lists of My Mad Mother
A hilarious, often touching look at the toll Alzheimer’s disease takes on the parent-child relationship.
Caitlin, as an 11-year-old on the autism spectrum, used to rely on her older brother to help make sense of the world. When Devon was killed in a school shooting, she and her father must come to terms with their life alone and together. With the help of those around her, she learns how to get close to other people in spite of the “messiness” of emotions. We experience this play from Caitlin’s point of view. Adapted from the National Book Award winning novel by Kathryn Erskine.
On Lincoln's Head
Aggrieved over her lost father, Babe is throwing firecrackers off the top of Lincoln's head. Annette, a ranger, is the only one crazy enough to stop her.
The Baby Jesus Collection
What’s man to do who has one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine examples of the infant Jesus, all stuck to a board? He joins the ladies selling crafts at the Christmas bazaar.
The Brown Shoes Text disponibil online
The Girl And The Elf
A seven-year-old girl knows she’s found the only real, true elf in the Macy’s Christmas window. So she brings him home.
The Lost Vegas Series
We follow Our Girl, through the weird underbelly of Las Vegas. She's a smart-ass and cynical. What she meets is unexpected, sometimes dangerous, always funny, because in Vegas "everybody's somebody."
White Money
An indictment against the culture that television, as a medium, has fostered. Not "quality" television, but such addictive and idiotic fare as the wrestling matches and televangelists. The central character is Ella, a young woman who has somehow married a red-neck (and stiff-necked) mush-for-brains truck driver.
Annis, a retired English professor and poet, is in decline; it is road she understands all too well. She and her husband have long had a pact to go out together, but he has his work. When her sons come home for Thanksgiving, one of them decides something must be done. But Annis takes her own course with the help of her free-spirited granddaughter. Inspired by the story “Robeck” by Margaret Pabst Battin.

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