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Beyond the End of Your Nose
Two children with mental disabilities find themselves placed among "regular" schoolmates on the first day of school. Through a computer error, they and a friend are thrown into another dimension, where Joe learns to use Bliss symbols, enabling the trio to explore the nature of trust, communication and inner power.
Roger, a Canadian teenager, and Ana, a Croatian student new to their high school, try to become friends in the face of their very different life experiences. A clown chorus punctuate the story.
The Pied Piper Returns
The Pied Piper of Hamlin finds himself in a twentieth century city, having to find "modern day" rats. Exhausted by centuries of carrying out his task, the Piper is overwhelmed by the activists and developers fighting over the city's waterfront, but comes to some startling conclusions.
A girl on the edge of adulthood, a woman not ready to be old, this is a mother-daughter story of a magical journey to growing up and letting go. When Thumbelina wanders away from home, her mother Katarina climbs on the back of a Swallow and follows her. When they find each other, mother and daughter realize growing up is not easy and is something both adults and children must learn to do.

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Julie Salverson

Julie Salverson s-a nascut la data de in , Canada.

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