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Boala albă
White disease is spreading in the country and elsewhere in Europe. It kills its victims usually within a span of a year. People all over the place are totally terrified. However, the government, led by a dictator Marshal, is busy preparing for a war of conquest and does not really care. They figure that the youth are not susceptible, and the youth are the traditional mainstay of the regime in any event. If the adults are going to die, too bad for them.
Din viaţa insectelor
Călătoria fantastică a Vagabondului în lumea, aparent inofensivă a insectelor, prilejuiește o meditație asupra noţiunilor de destin, fericire şi derizoriu. Vagabondul ia contact, în somn, mai întâi cu lumea fluturilor, apoi a gâdacilor de bălegar, a nimfelor, furnicilor şi, în ultimă instanţă a melcilor, constată cu o din ce în ce mai mare surprindere, similitudini de comportamente, temperamente şi mentalităţi între cele două lumi şi regnuri.
The play portrays the difficult relationship between men who wanted to fight, and their mothers and loved ones who did not want them to go. It also shows the fight against fascism, and the emotional turmoil and suffering that war brings.
The play begins in a factory that makes artificial people, made of synthetic organic matter, called "robots". Unlike the modern usage of the term, these creatures are closer to the modern idea of androids or even clones, as they can be mistaken for humans and can think for themselves. They seem happy to work for humans, although that changes and a hostile robot rebellion leads to the extinction of the human race.
Reţeta Makropolus
The enigmatic femme fatale Emilia Marty turns the life of everyone she meets on its head. A fantasy comedy with a mysterious, almost detective-story plot takes us into the world of opera divas, the world of the degenerated aristocracy and bourgeoisie. The secret of longevity will be buried for good.

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Karel Čapek

Karel Čapek s-a nascut la data de 9 ianuarie 1890 in Malé Svatoňovice, Cehia.

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