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Cinderella Eats Rice and Beans
CinderElla at the ball . . .. . .game?
Einstein Is A Dummy
The twelve year old Einstein is struggling - with violin lessons and a crush on the girl next door
Ferdinand the Bull
Flamenco flavored version of Ferdinand that does hommage to Hamlet as well.
How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents
Lime-green suitcases. American flag underpants. Blow-out birthday parties. Welcome to the world of the Garcia family. Based on the novel by Julia Alvarez
Legacy of Light
An intellectual joyride from start to finish that confronts a universal question: How do women balance a passionate yearning for science with maternal instinct? The playwright takes two women, living 260 years apart, and juxtaposes their tragicomic stories of survival and immortality.
Looking for Roberto Clemente
Do you remember where you were. . .? When you heard about 9/11? When space shuttle Columbia crashed? When JFK was assassinated? Most people remember where they were when pivotal events in history occurred. And like any other Pittsburgher, I remember when I learned in 1972 of the passing ofhero, Roberto Clemente. Even kids like me who were not into sports, knew something about them as Pittsburgh takes its sports seriously. And the tragic death of one of the greatest athletes to play in Pittsburgh affected everyone in our sports-centric town.
Magical Pinata
Mariachi music and wild animal all search for the power of the pinata
Mariela En El Desierto
Mariela and Jose were once the golden couple of the Mexican artist inner-circle. Together they built a family and an artist colony to host friends like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and Rufino Tamayo. But now their daughter has grown and run away, Frida and Diego are too famous to call, and artistic inspiration has been strangled by isolation and mendacity. Set in an empty artists' colony in the Mexican desert in 1950, this mystery play reveals what happens to relationships when a long hidden family lie is exposed.
Our War
While the plays that took the perspective of participants were some of the most crisp, the last kind of play in the evening, plays that look at today with the eyes of the present (but through the lens or with the lighting of the Civil War), hit the hardest. Most of them use the Civil War as a way to talk about race in America, from Ken Narasaki's thoughts on racism that isn't divided into Black and White to Lydia Diamond's chastisement of White liberal guilt
Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign
From the halls of Congress to pulpits and court houses around the country, there is so much noise around abortion - but it's women's personal stories that have been silenced. Until now. Now our stories come Out of Silence.
The Book Club Play
Ana is a Type A personality living in a letter-perfect world: a husband who adores her, the perfect job, and her greatest passion, Book Club. But when bizarre circumstances put her ideal book club under a magnifying glass, things begin to heat up and more truths are told than anyone bargained for
The Invisible City
Gentrification and the effects has on the "invisible" people of DC.
The Sins of Sor Juana
Poetic funny and moving play based on the amazing life of SorJuana Ines de la Cruz,the first published pot of the Americas,and the dire consequences of her work.

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