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Dr S.F.S. in the Terminal Ward
Helen of Troy, Mary and Percy Shelley, Frankenstein and his monster and a whole host of evil government agents
Fair Game
In this ripped-from-the-headlines play, Governor Karen Werthman is running for the highest office in the land, when her sona professor at Princetonreturns home, embroiled in a scandal. In the hands of her spin-master campaign manager the scandal is squelched&but at what cost to the candidate. - press release
Mary and David are surrounded by boxes her mother left her. Richard the drug dealer is trying to write a book and Sylvia just wants to surf the net.
Gilded Garden of Patcheww
A woman sees a senseless act of violence. She determines raise a child immune to such tendencies and sets about growing a boy in her garden.
Paul, thinking he can handle it, goes and answers a mysterious email with a titillating offer. Is it a scam or a golden opportunity? Greedy is about how, in the wake of this plea for money, five people struggle with their greed, hope, desire, and integrity. Greedy is part of Clubbed Thumb's Summerworks 2007 festival. - nytheatre.com
Richard Nixon, kinky sex and executions.
Christine is marrying All-American Chad because he has promised to take her away from her family and the cold. But before the wedding he meets and falls in love with an elderly Jewish woman.
Does money change everything? Do we ever forget our first love? Two mismatched couples face some unexpected truths.
Waco, Mon Amor
We Are Animals

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Karl Gajdusek

Karl Gajdusek s-a nascut la data de in San Francisco, SUA.

Karl Gajdusek was born in San Francisco and now lives in San Diego with his wife and son. He writes plays, screenplays and television. He has taught Playwriting at San Francisco’s School of the Arts, U.C.S.D., ISOMATA, and The Playwrights’ Center. B.A. in Literature from Yale University, member of Annex Theatre in Seattle, M.F.A. in Playwriting from the University of California at San Diego. Karl’s plays include Fubar, Fair Game, Silverlake, Minneapolis, Dr.S F.S in the Terminal Ward, Big Sun Setting Fast, The Gilded Garden of Patcheww, Malibu, and Waco, Texas, Mon Amour. Screenplays include Higher, 9 Days Wonder, Widow’s Walk, Reunion, Wonderman, The Next Best Thing (not the one with Madonna), and the independent film 58, which he wrote and directed. Story Editor for the Showtime show DEAD LIKE ME. He founded the script publication service Big Sun Publication. He is the recipient of the 1991 Jacob K. Javits fellowship, 1996-97 & 1998-99 Jerome Fellowships, the 1997 McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship, and the 2000 MAG fellowship. When not writing for the theatre, Karl spends his time surfing So Cal breaks, writing movies for pro wrestlers, and lovingly changing diapers.

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