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Bless their Hearts
Three stuffy church biddies mistake Ecstasy for hard candy and attempt to plan their annual Christmas party under the influence.
Boo's Flowers
William has a black girlfriend. And he wants everyone to know.
Family Business
Guiseppe the glass blower is questioned about his involvement in the disappearance of a certain young peasant girl
For Your Safety
About a young man's date with a flight attendant who takes her job way too seriously.
In the Walls
It's the mid-1970s in New York. Two sisters revisit their childhood home just before it is demolished and realize that the house holds very different memories for each sister.
King of the Castle
A misguided geneticist attempts to create the perfect, "real" woman with unexpected results.
Lazy Boy
A married couple's fight about an unsightly chair takes a turn for the personal.
Little Goldie and the Shines
Mentally ill suburban housewife believes she's the reincarnated lead singer of the 1960s girl group Little Goldie and the Shines
An opinionated mother-in-law visits her son and his wife, reigniting a feud stemming from a sabotaged peach cobbler.
Natural Love
A woman's unmanageable hair tries desperately to defend himself in the face of being "cut off" completely.
Pound of Flesh
An actress, desperately clinging to her dwindling fame, pays a visit to her ex-agent. The agent is demonic and requires a little more than 15% for services rendered.
Once a year, Happy Scout cookie pushers prowl decent neighborhoods pushing their wares on the weak.
A drunken, libidinous Santa Claus is faced with losing his job when he nearly misses the big Christmas Eve push.
Serenity Island
A patient at a productivity detoxification facility gets caught committing the ultimate sin- work.
Shayleigh in a Bottle
In late 1970s Queens, New York, a young woman goes to great lengths to attract the attention of a serial killer.
She Keeps This Family Together
It is early 1960s New York and a desperate mother conspires with an ambitious priest to confine her willful daughter to the State Hospital.
Slick Dame
A husband and wife's steamy Valentine's Day role play is continually interrupted by their children.
Staged Rebellion
Three characters are determined to improve the ten-minute play to which they've been relegated.
A voice activated home tries to sabotage her owner's relationship with his fiancee.
Time Slot
About what happens when two TV schedules overlap and two shows must coexist until commercial break.
We Fill Theatres
An obnoxious film director banished to make movies in Hell has a hard time casting extras.
Wrong House
A ghost interrupts the soccer game by haunting the wrong apartment.

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