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Blue Sky Boys
Wellington 1964 and The Everly Brothers, at a low point professionally and personally, are about to perform in the half empty Buffalo Hall. Across town The Beatles are also performing, but to rapturous crowds. Tensions mount between brothers Phil and Don as two Beatles fans, Fran and Jillian, are unwittingly caught in the crossfire.
A play about loss - about what we had or couldn't have. Who has the right to have children? Maeve and Jess are a couple and mothers to two daughters. Tom, a gay friend, is the father of both daughters and Jess is pregnant again to Tom - only this time, it has long been agreed, Tom and his partner William will raise the child on their own. However, Jess realises this time she can't give the baby away.
Four men confront the elements, each other and themselves, during 119 days adrift in the overturned Rose-Noelle.
Phil and Nadine, terminally unemployable, are cursed by the birth of the new Messiah into their inadequate relationship and squalid bedsit.
A hypothetical meeting between the novelist Ronald Hugh Morrieson and the poet James K Baxter in Hawera in 1972. Death approaches as the novelist and the poet share the stage with the rear end of a horse.
Rose and Lily are Siamese Twins pressured into being the faces for a new perfume called Jism. Unfortunately, a key ingredient of the perfume makes it less than flavour of the month for their anti-vivisectionist flatmate.
John I'm Only Dancing
Glam gatecrashers and early 70s boys’ high as a subversive music teacher turns macho school culture on it’s head via a staging of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.
Picture Perfect
Jenny and Alex have lost a son, and when a futuristic entertainment system provides solace and comfort, Jenny becomes obsessed. She has found salvation but the technology begins to malfunction and the family does too.
Polythene Pam
As multifarious horrors pour at perfectionist Pam from the TV, newspapers and her own experience, she struggles to deal with them through humour, cynicism or a variety of masks.
The Great Gatsby
A smart and sympathetic translation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. Set in America’s 1920s Jazz Age, the play opens with narrator Nick Carraway drawing from the shadows the ghosts of wealthy and indulgent lives lived in and around Jay Gatsby's Long Island mansion.
The Temptations of St Max
A riotous interpretation of the story of Father Maximilian Kolbe who volunteered his life to save another in Auschwitz.
Trick of the Light
Revisits the infamous Crewe murders when a brother and sister bring their mother's ashes to a motel room that hasn't been opened in three decades.
Waterloo Sunset
1980, a Wellington southerly batters a converted Wellington waterfront boatshed where safety-pinned Punks clash with older ex-pat English Mods, each fighting to find a future as their youth runs out.

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Ken Duncum

Ken Duncum s-a nascut la data de 1959 in Napier, Noua Zeelandă.

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