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A Fridge Too Far
A comedy which pays tribute to the traditional Brian Rix farce by presenting an Antipodean reversal of the usual format.
It's Alive
Entertaining monologue of a pregnant woman whose baby progresses from tadpole size to the point of birth where she, glad she's not married, wonders whether to ring Royce, Lionel, Simon ... or get on with it.
Pounamu Cut
A hard-hitting bi-cultural tragedy in the manner of Epic Theatre. A collision of cultures drives a road construction through the 1870s west of the South Island and towards a motherlode of Pounamu. For the road to succeed traditions, beliefs and people must die. Presented by both Māori and Pakeha choruses, each telling the story (and legends) from their own viewpoint. Features Māori, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh music of the time.
The Timewarp Musketeer
A 45-minute adventure designed for performance to children of all ages. Dave gets lost in the museum in a place where things don’t want to be. He gets transported to the time of the Three Musketeers, but instead of ‘all for one’ they are jealous and bickering foes. Dave must get them to work together, save the king and open the way back to his own time.
Till The Boys Come Home
Musical revue of NZ in the Second World War. Three women from varied backgrounds become friends and fight a home-front war.
Two Cities Told
This is a revolutionary retelling, epic in style, of Charles Dickens’ novel. It strips out the melodrama and instead pits the values of two revolutions against each other and those caught in the middle, while exploring the duty, passion, cynicism and sacrifice that drive the main characters and the revolutions themselves.

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Ken Hudson

Ken Hudson s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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