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After Marlene
Sam Visser, a night editor at an average-sized Canadian newspaper, has written Marlene Dietrich a number of times begging for permission for an authorized biography. During a sleepless night, Marlene calls him.
Three brothers return to the family home one June weekend to celebrate one's ordination as a Catholic priest and to commemorate their brother Mark, who died more than ten years before. It is also the first meeting between Matthew's fiancee and the family, who manage to drag out a secret Matthew has carried for a long time.
In 1976, a 23-year-old woman in Bavaria died of malnutrition during the course of an exorcism. Her parents and priest were charged with criminal manslaughter. The play recounts the events leading to her death and poses, "Are we not all, to some degree, possessed by something?"
A deranged actor terrorises the cast and director of a summer theatre when he is replaced as the lead in a highly successful romantic comedy from last season.
Monica and Jasmine are two elderly women living alone in a small Canadian city. Virtual shut-ins, they create a world of excitement through games, role-playing and verbal swordfights. An unavoidable truth emerges which threatens to destroy the friendship.
Whole Lotto Love
Dwight is an apartment superintendant whose ex-wife suddenly shows up after having left him ten months before. For him, this is a sign of reconciliation, but Lenore has really returned because the lottery numbers they played a year in advance have come up. All she wants is to find the ticket and leave, but her ex has a different agenda.

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Kevin Arthur Land

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