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Casey Chronicles: Full Circle
Overweight and ignored Casey sets about changing himself. But when he is slim and desired he discovers that it the fat who rule. For gay people.
Day of the Dad
Howie's dad Sonny has plenty in common with Howie's boyfriend Kenyan - they both love football, whiskey, and Tyne Daly. But Howie and Sonny can't spend two minutes in a room without fighting. As Howie tries to save his and Kenyan's crumbling relationship, he must also decide if he can live with a Father who loves him but ultimately doesn't like him. For gay people.
F*ck Me, B*at Me, L*ve Me
the story of Travis and Tommy, a gay couple, and how they confuse their own personal problems with the problems in their relationship. Travis uses Sam, their paperboy, to work out his frustrations. Tommy seeks escape with Max, his outside lover. All four are seeking a connection with another human being, as they use sex to make that connection. This is used as a way to express desire, to gain control, to relinquish responsibility, and even as a way of keeping the person they care for the most at a distance. It examines the differences between sex and intimacy, and what happens when allowing others to define our identities, and how what we want is often very different from what we need. For gay people.
Mary Christmas
Gina comes to New York to find out how her twin brother Keith died. In New York Keith was known as Sherry Ontop - a drag queen. For gay people.

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