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Dunkel lockende Welt
Corinna, the fashionable, slightly neurotic maxillary surgeon with a helper syndrome who dreams of “patching up hare lips” in the Peruvian jungle and conducting a choir of healed patients, and Mr Hufschmied, the shy, but filthy rich landlord who keeps his mother’s ashes among his porcelain. The meeting at which Corinna is to hand back the keys of the cleaned flat she is vacating turns into a morbid ordeal for, despite all her enthusiastic cleaning, Corinna has overlooked something that appears to be a small human toe, severed neatly from its former owner, who was quite possibly Corinna’s boyfriend Marcel. He is supposed to have departed ahead of her for Peru. Corinna’s Finnish mother, Mechthild, a tomboyish biologist, most likes to indulge in a never-ending torrent of words about the secrets of photosynthesis, while studiously ignoring the cries for help from her daughter, who has sought refuge at home in the second act. As it turns out in the third act, when she was young the mother once had a liaison with Mr Hufschmied and, who knows, he may even be Corinna’s long-lost father. (Silvia Stammen)
Wilde oder der Mann mit den traurigen Augen
The train has left - for both the man with sad eyes and for the town he is visiting whether he wants to or not. Günter has a troubled journey behind him: a period in Moldavia with Medicins sans Frontières, which he brought to a premature end - as was also the case with the journey home to his parents in Bleibach. To escape the heat in a train where windows couldn't be opened, he got out too early and fell into the clutches of the Flick family which took over its guest, literally absorbing him, rib after rib, in their incessant talking'. That is how Austrian dramatist Klaus Händl describes the starting-off point for his story of a traumatised doctor who experiences a final love and the story of his vanishing. There remain just traces of a language, which is also the medium of an author who knows how to use words so as to draw his listeners and viewers into the slipstream of a change in perception that is both disturbing and miraculous. (Thalia Theater Hamburg)

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Klaus Händl

Klaus Händl s-a nascut la data de 1969 in Rum, Germania.

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