Piese de Larry Zacharko

Bells, Lockers 'n Cans
A series of scenes at North Pomegranite High School illustrate what's really learned in school.
Knight in Kilometre Country
The King wants everything to be perfect for the first ever tournament at his castle.
Land of Magic Spell
A prospector loses his mule in the Land of the Magic Spell, and Mountain Man has lost the letters from his favourite alphabet. He offers to grant the prospector one wish if he can find them, and off he goes.
Maximilian Beetle
Max Beetle is in love with Amber the butterfly. His chatty and charming entourage includes a wasp, a bee, a cockroach and even a few naive humans.

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Larry Zacharko

Larry Zacharko s-a nascut la data de 1950 in Edmonton, Canada.

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