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I Am Not I
Jane Jimenez's quinceanera is approaching. She'd rather wear a tuxedo than her gown. How will her parents react when they discover she's not who they think she is? Dance and live music underscore one family's struggle to define identity.
The Memory Project
The play focuses on the Larson family as they struggle to cope with their loved one's memory loss (a complication of Korsakoff's Syndrome caused by alcohol abuse.) the play examines not only how memories are fundamental to who we are as human beings, but also cautions against avoidance and denial as responses to loss. Before the Larsons' world shatters completely, the youngest family member-in either a move of bravery or defiance-decides to drag all of their skeletons out of the closet. . .
As a teenager, it's not uncommon to feel trapped. But what traps us? after realizing that she might not have all the answers, high school student Maria Catelli is determined to find out. She sets out on a spiritual and philosophical quest. However, her boyfriend throws a wrench into the works when he reveals a shocking secret. He is transgender-a woman trapped in a man's body. Maria has to decide what's more important: pursuing her own passion and enlightenment, or helping a friend in need.

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Laura Abbott

Laura Abbott s-a nascut la data de in Vermont, SUA.

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