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Wild black comedy, set underground - in a luxury subterranean condominium, designed to withstand nuclear and economic catastrophe. New Yorkers Len and Sheila visit their old friend, Bev, in her honeymoon home - which happens to be under the Utah desert. Bev has married Roy, a handsome charismatic psychotic, who happens to be an isolationist who has stocked his underground condo with enough DVDs, gourmet meals, and liquor to last till the next millennium. They don't need a war to destroy themselves-the two married couples clash and burn as adultery and mayhem erupt.
A woman finds herself running from kidnappers across a very strange beach. She finds a woman, hidden under veils, who reveals the sinister purpose.
Beutiful bodies
6 long-term women friends, mid 30's, trade confidences and witty exchanges throughout a party to celebrate a friend's pregnancy from a one night love affair. Secrets surface and tensions flare - as the circle of friends reveal all, fight, and find comfort in this one night gala. also a best selling novel, of the same title. Beautiful Bodies is performed around the world and is translated into Russian, Dutch, French, and soon Japanese
Cruising Close To Crazy
The play is careening toward a climactic meeting with her old lover and singing partner. all action takes place in her bedroom - in the rump of her customized million-dollar tour bus. Can be opened up to include a country western concert or performed in cabaret setting.
El Depresso Espresso
A young man and woman meet in a depression clinic at a strange hospital. Two doctors offer a surprising cure.
Flop Cop
Surreal black comedy, popular worldwide. a cop is summoned to subdue an out of control playwright, who has set up a siege in a theater, and is threatening to deliver his monologue.
Happy Talking
A woman, alone in her apartment, is verbally assaulted by telephone solicitors, who offer her bizarre choices of plans.
Married Before
A bride and groom, both "married before" have a confrontation at the altar.
O Hair In Hell
Inspired by the premise that the actual Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the world's most famous atheist and "the most hated woman in America", finds out, after her murder, that she was wrong - There is an after-life and she is trapped in the Texas desert, with a mysterious drifter, Juan, who may be God, or her murderer. . .and his teenage mistress. a comment on actual godless-ness-the wasteland of American culture. Howling. Madalyn enters, headless, and tosses her severed femur. Madalyn is mad as hell.
Max is completely maxed out on all of his credit cards but he is desperate for more cash. He telephones his latest card supplier to extend his credit and reaches that dreaded modern phenomenon, the Call Centre. Which country is he calling? Is there a happy end to his crisis?
Romeo Hates Juliet
A contemporary school production of Romeo and Juliet has a crisis - The actor playing Romeo doesn't like the girl who dreams of him, and is cast as Juliet. Chaos erupts, as the drama club divides into two houses, and the core of the Shakespeare play is exuberantly explored. a fun way for a class to learn the classic.
Sleeping Arrangements
Memory play inspired by the author's critically hailed and best selling memoir of growing up, an orphaned child, raised by two bachelor uncles. The book is available through Bloomsbury, U.K. and Penguin Putnam, USA. The roles are Lily, who appears as both a child, and the narrator, her two uncles, Len and gabe, her eccentric grandmother, Etka from Minsk, and Mrs.Hassan (the opposing gossip neighbor) her two nubile wild little girlfriends (played as children) , and a multiple role for a woman who will triple as the supporting charactors)
The D Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore
Tennessee Williams boards a train, to find that it is populated only by his characters, Stanley & Blanche, Maggie & Brick. a loving satire.
The Fall Of The House Of Glass
About a married couple that breaks up, after 20 years of marriage, at the birth of their first child. Great character roles, as both sets of parents descend on the couple to "celebrate." Adultery and high tech reproduction form this all-new comedy of marriage and family for the 21st century
The Wives
Two actresses play six divergent roles in this intense and funny night of the female soul: 1)THE WIVES: (main play , 45 minutes)Two wives descend upon the death bed of their famous ex-husband. Whom is he calling for as he leaves this earth? Who is the "true" wife? The ultimate catfight, as each woman stakes her claim to the dying movie star. Is the true wife, the wife of 27 years, who bore him 7 children? Or the sexually ferocious drinking partner, he left her for, years ago? They duke it out.
Web Cam Woman
The play can be described as " a one woman play, in which the woman has sold her soul and intimate moments to web cam voyeurs, who keep seven cameras trained on her at all times..a wild and woeful account of the ultimate price-- and revenge Web Cam Woman exacts". Inspired by news accounts of this new web perversion.

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Laura Shaine Cunningham

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