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It is the year 1994. Five NZ teenagers are on an exchange year in Germany, a nation in the throes of reunification. Exchange is a funny, moving kiwi quest for personal discovery. The exchange students transform from child to adult as they navigate a new culture and discover what it means to be a New Zealander. For some it's a dream year - an escape from the confines of home and a chance to reinvent themselves. For others it's a disaster, a frustrating and isolating experience. This is what the big OE is all about - the joy of new discovery and the painful embarrassment of cross-cultural misunderstanding. We follow the students' ups and downs as they cope with having the comfort of their friends, family and culture whipped out from under them.
Pollyhood in Mumuland
Do you know Polly (aka Red)? She’s sixteen, always wears a hoodie and loves her Grandma. Now Red’s Grandma is sick and Aunty Sila has taken off with the car! Join Red and her best friend Maile on their quest to take Grandma her supo. On the journey from West to South Mumuland there’ll be a hungry wolf, kilikiti, hip hop, and the Tropical Isles dance troupe. And hey – what’s Aunty Sila doing with that chainsaw? An interactive show for the whole family!

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Lauren Jackson

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