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Judas Agonistes
In 1929, a young man — “Patient J” — from a well-to-do family has been institutionalized because he is convinced that he is the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus. Thomas Parkinson, a Jungian therapist and an agnostic, is brought in as his last best hope for recovery. So, in Judas Agonistes, we have both a clash of philosophies and perhaps the final resolution to the mysterious relationship between Judas and Jesus the Christ. Ultimately, it is both a love story and perhaps a one of the most revealing historical detective stories of all time.
Pavlov's Cats
When two apprentice angels decide to meddle in the lives of four high-profile human beings things can get pretty messy, especially when Lucifer drops in to lend his advice and counsel.
Scorekeeper - the Uncertain Future Of Unconditional Love
Tony Award winning playwright and producer Christopher Mummer is on a one man crusade to stop the “terminal dumbing down of America.” Now confined to a wheelchair, Mummer has banished himself to his own small playhouse somewhere in Connecticut, where he has grown obsessed with the unforgivable mongrelization of American arts and letters. And he will do anything necessary to fight if off – even if it means stooping to put on a ten-minute play festival to do so.
Toc toc
Dr. Stern este un specialist renumit in tulburări obsesiv-compulsive (TOC). Acordă rar consultații în Franța așa că cele șase personaje din sala lui de așteptare au avut de așteptat multe luni pentru a obține o consultație. Dar doctorul întârzie mult din cauza avionului așa ca, cei șase vorbesc, joacă Monopoly și se cunosc făcând o veritabilă terapie de grupîntreruptă de crizele TOC ale fiecăruia!

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Laurent Baffie

Laurent Baffie s-a nascut la data de 18 aprilie 1958 in Montreuil, Franta.

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