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Piesa autobiografică care se concentrează pe perioada copilăriei și a stagiului militar efectuat în Marina SUA.
Scandal erupts in the White House - and in the national press - when Thomas Jefferson's longtime love affair with his slave mistress Sally Hemings is revealed.
Night Nurse
About South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Top Secret: the Battle For the Pentagon Papers
In a democratic society, should a government be allowed to protect secrets in the name of national security if those secrets are used to cover up that government's politically damaging actions? In this riveting historical radio-theater docuDrama, L.a. theatre Works brings to life the turbulent days surrounding the Washington Post's struggle with the decision to publish the classified study documenting U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and the subsequent trial - arguably the most important Supreme Court case ever on freedom of the press.
Zeke the Profane
About the ambivalent attitudes many Reform Jews have towards circumcision.

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Biografie Leroy Aarons 

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Leroy Aarons

Leroy Aarons s-a nascut la data de 8 decembrie 1933 in New York City, SUA.

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