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Basinful Of The Briny
A basinful of mishaps and misunderstandings occur in the second of Leslie Sands' 'Seaside Trilogy'. When Mr and Mrs Pepper return to the 'Seaview Guest House' to celebrate their 1st Anniversary, not only do they once again encounter the dragonish proprietress Mrs Austin, but are surprised by the unexpected arrival of their interfering in-laws and are driven to distraction and separation by the glamorous Miss Windermere. Together, this unlikely gathering stumble across a couple of small-time crooks and set out to foil their dastardly capers and win the day. An Anniversary for Mr and Mrs Pepper to remember - and a play the audience will not easily forget!
Beside The Seaside
The first play in Leslie Sands' trilogy of seaside capers at the Seaview Guest House. The tyrannical landlady Mrs Austin terrorises her lodgers with her bread and butter pudding, while newlyweds Mr and Mrs Pepper realise that marriage is no honeymoon and Wilf and Ethel Pearson try to prevent their daughter Sally from running off with a local 'theatrical' trickster. Chaos abounds in this stormy seaside resort.
Cat's Cradle
The action takes place at "The Cresswell Arms," an old coaching-house in a remote English village. Many years before, a kidnapping (and perhaps murder) had taken place in the town, but the policeman assigned to the case by Scotland Yard, Inspector Frost, had failed to solve the crime. Now he has returned to try again, only to find that he has become a very unwelcome guest. In fact, as he reopens his investigation, he encounters suspicion and even hostility, as it becomes increasingly clear that he is facing a conspiracy of silence and the wish of the townspeople to leave the past shrouded in mystery. But Frost presses on, with results that are both startling and disquieting, and which lead to a surprise ending in which justice is indeed served after all—but in a manner more ironic and severe than any formal court of law could mete out.
British TV star returns home to find his wife dead, but as his career is on the skids was it suicide or murder
For Pete's Sake
A familly comedy.
Something to Hide
The setting is a charming house in the English countryside, where Howard Holt, a writer, is visited each weekend by his wife, who is also his publisher. During the week he is joined by his mistress—a fact (although Howard doesn't realize it) of which his wife is well aware. As the action begins the departing mistress is (apparently) run over and killed by the wife as she enters the driveway, and Howard gallantly offers to dispose of the body. Thereafter begins a sequence of events in which one unexpected turn follows another, as a seemingly gullible police inspector accepts the story cooked up by Howard and his wife to cover their tracks. But their relief is short-lived as blackmail, another murder, and questions as to the real fate of the mistress enter the picture—and all are deftly used by the inspector (who is more clever than they thought) to set the trap which untangles the twisted web of lies and brings the real murderer to justice.

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Leslie Sands

Leslie Sands s-a nascut la data de 19 mai 1921 in , Marea Britanie.

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