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100 Planes
Lieutenant Kay McClure, a hotshot pilot, meets her match in Major Anne Clarkson. As Anne pushes Kay harder and harder, questions arise. What exactly is Anne training Kay to do? David, an aspiring reporter and Kay's lover, probes deeper and discovers Anne's true motivations. 100 Planes examines the tug of war between love and ambition for female pilots in the Air Force
Amy & The Unicorn
Amy is visited by an alcoholic unicorn. They develop an unlikely relationship.
Biography of a Constellation
Biography of a Constellation unites a mythical princess, an archival librarian and a planetarium announcer. Their stories align as each woman escapes the confines of her reality through a deep love of the stars.
Bureau of Missing Persons
A piece of chalk. Big band music. A pocketful of leaves. These clues lead Angela on a quest from her apartment on the Upper West Side to a cave in Moscow to search for someone who is missing. Inspired by the stories of Borges,the play is a magical tale that explores how we heal.
Catching Flight
One garden. Two sisters. Three moments in time. Clare and Emma meet at the Rodin Sculpture Garden as children, young adults, and grown women. Why is it hardest to connect with the people we love?
Reese, Amelia, and Kayla used to be a trio. Now Amelia and Reese come together to grieve Kayla. Can they put aside their differences and learn to sing a duet?
10 minutes before a concert, a Rockstar, her Bodyguard, and a Young Man collide at The Colosseum. The play explores modern tensions in an ancient space. Sometimes running into your past can lead to unexpected moments of connection.
Home Of The Brave
A comedy inspired by Moliere's Tartuffe. Evelyn Spence, a senator from Iowa, is running for President. Adrian, her new campaign manager, wants Evelyn and her family to be more traditional, but when Evelyn brings Adrian home at Christmas all hell breaks loose. The play investigates what happens when the lies of politics collide with the unavoidable truth of family.
Panda Porn
The pandas won't mate at the zoo. A film maker, a panda expert and a professional fluffer go to China to see if they can film panda love in the wild to inspire those at the zoo. Will they succeed? What else will happen along the way?
A secret is revealed when two old friends visit the seals off the coast of California.
The Chapel Play
Anat is about to get married. David is angel who needs to come out. They collide in the Chapel and help each other in the most unexpected way.
The Light Princess
A whimsical tale of a Princess who is cursed to have no gravity. The King and Queen must find the Princess' gravity before her 16th birthday, else the kingdom will fall into the hands of the Witch that cursed her. Based on the short story by George MacDonald, The Light Princess is written for younger audiences, but is safe for adults as well.
Tink lost her wings. She also lost Peter. Come to story hour to find out if she can set things right.
We All Fall Down
The Steins don't believe in organized religion, but this year Linda summons her family home for Passover. No one knows how to do a Seder and no one knows why they're there. Why is Linda having this Seder? Will this ancient ritual bring the Stein family together or tear them apart?
A woman and her unusual son look to escape their past in Crested Butte, a small town with its share of secrets. They encounter a curious girl, a forest ranger and an ex-drag queen. The five collide in a summer of botany and sexual awakening. The play explores the discovery of desire and its consequences.

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Lila Rose Kaplan

Lila Rose Kaplan s-a nascut la data de 1 iulie 1980 in New York, SUA.

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