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Another Part of the Forest
Set in the fictional town of Bowden, Alabama, in June 1880, the plot focuses on the wealthy, ruthless, and innately evil Hubbard family and their rise to prominence. Patriarch Marcus Hubbard was born into poverty and toiled at menial labor while teaching himself Greek philosophy and the basics of business acumen. He ultimately made his fortune by exploiting his fellow Southerners during the American Civil War. He treats his good-hearted but slightly eccentric Bible-quoting wife Lavinia in a way designed to undermine both her self-confidence and sense of reality
Based on the 1759 novella of the same name by Voltaire.
Days To Come
The play treats of a strike in a small mid-western town. In the center stands a well-meaning factory owner driven to harsh measures by economic necessity and the stronger wills of those who surround him. Before he can understand what he has done, trickery and violence engulf the town, strikebreakers do their mischief, disaster awaits those on both sides of the struggle.
Dead End
In New York, wealthy people live in opulent and luxurious apartments because of the picturesque views of the river, while the destitute and poor live nearby in crowded, infested shelters. The Dead End Kids, led by Tommy Gordon, are a gang of street urchins who are already well on the path to a life of petty crime..
Captain Mont- serrat, serving with the Spanish army in Venezuela, has treacherously befriended the revolutionary Bolivar ; and, to compel him to reveal Bolivar 's hiding-place, his commander, Colonel Izquierdo, rounds up six hostages and threatens to shoot them unless he confesses. Inevitably, they die.
My Mother, My Father and Me
A middle-class family's ridiculous reactions to every crisis are satirized by Lillian Hellman, in her adaptation of Burt Blechman's novel How Much?
about the controversy over the authenticity of a section about an anti-Nazi activist called "Julia".
The Autumn Garden
The events of the play unfold over the course of one week at Constance Tuckerman's boarding house on the Gulf Coast. A few of her regular guests are enjoying post-dinner cocktails. Rose Griggs is trying to get her husband, General Benjamin Griggs, to admire her dress, which she has put on for a party. Young Frederick Ellis and his grandmother Mrs. Mary Ellis are reading the galleys for a novel that Frederick is about to publish. His mother Carrie Ellis and Edward ("Ned") Crossman are the other guests in the lounge, as the play opens. Frederick is engaged to be married to Sophie Tuckerman, who was adopted by Constance and brought to America from France when she was 13. She works with Leon to help Constance run the boarding house. Constance is overwrought with anxiety over the impending arrival of Nina and Nicholas Denery, who will spend the weekend at her house. Nicholas was the love of her life, before he left to become an artist in New York.
The Children's Hour
An all-girls boarding school is ran by two women, Karen Wright and Martha Dobie. An angry student, Mary Tilford, runs away from the school and to avoid being sent back she tells her grandmother that the two headmistresses are having a lesbian affair. The accusation proceeds to destroy the women's careers, relationships and lives.
The Dark Angel
The story of three childhood friends, two male, one female. When the woman chooses one of the men to marry, the other, jealous, sends his rival off into a dangerous situation during wartime.
The Little Foxes
The play's focus is Southerner Regina Hubbard Giddens, who struggles for wealth and freedom within the confines of an early 20th-century society where fathers considered only sons as their legal heirs. As a result of this practice, while her two avaricious brothers Benjamin and Oscar have wielded the family inheritance into two independently substantial fortunes, she's had to rely upon her manipulation of her cautious, timid, browbeaten husband, Horace. He's no businessman, just her financial support; although he's pliable enough for her ambition, that ambition has driven him into becoming merely the tool of her insatiable greed. He uses a wheelchair.
The North Star
About the resistance of Ukrainian villagers, through guerrilla tactics, against the German invaders of the Ukrainian SSR.
The Searching Wind
In 1945, after hearing of the death of Mussolini, an American career diplomat and his family reflect on his mistakes he made during the interwar years.
These Three
Karen Wright and Martha Dobie are college friends and want to transform Karen's farm into a boarding school with the assistance of wealthy benefactor Amelia Tilford, who enrolls her malevolent granddaughter Mary. Karen and local doctor Joe Cardin begin to date, unaware Martha is in love with him.
Toys in the Attic
Toys in the Attic Playbill cover for Toys in the Attic at Hudson Theatre Written by Lillian Hellman Date premiered February 25, 1960 Place premiered Hudson Theatre New York City Original language English Subject A dysfunctional family Genre Drama Setting New Orleans Toys in the Attic is a 1960 play by Lillian Hellman. Contents 1 Plot 2 Background 3 Original production 3.1 Cast 4 Critical reception 5 Awards and nominations 6 Film adaptation 7 Off-Broadway revival 8 References 9 External links Plot Set in New Orleans following the Great Depression, the play focuses on the Berniers sisters, two middle-aged spinsters who have sacrificed their own ambitions to look after their ne'er-do-well younger brother Julian, whose grandiose dreams repeatedly lead to financial disasters. When he unexpectedly returns home accompanied by his emotionally unstable, childlike young bride Lily, her aloof, aristocratic mother Albertine, and an unexplained large sum of money, Carrie and Anna suddenly find that the position of power they have always held has become unbalanced, leaving their lives in chaos.
Watch on the Rhine
It is 1940, in late spring. For the past 17 years, the German-born engineer Kurt Mueller and Sara, his American wife of 20 years, have lived modestly in Europe and raised three children. He has been deeply involved in anti-Fascist activities in Spain and Germany. The Muellers and their children Joshua, Babette, and Bodo are visiting Sara's wealthy relatives, the Farrellys, her brother David, and mother Fanny, in Washington, D.C. Sara tells the Farrellys she and her family hope to live peacefully in the U.S.

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Lillian Hellman

Lillian Hellman s-a nascut la data de 20 iunie 1905 in New Orleans, SUA.

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