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Two Asian-American siblings are up for a music scholarship - but only one of them can get it.
God, Sex And Blue Water
This unconventional farce about religion and family love, set in the Filipino community of Hoboken, focuses on the Kintanar family's attempts to assimilate in America. Laling, a deeply religious woman, plans on crucifying herself during the Easter pasyon, which puts her in conflict with the local parish priest. Her brother Dadong runs a successful business and tries to discourage her. Her daughter, a Clarita, a healer with a secret, has just arrived in the US from a childhood in a convent, and has met Brian, an American "master of the universe" badly in need of salvation.
Salad Days
The play is set in a restaurant about a woman who must absolutely have the perfect meal.
New York artist Tina has returned to the Philippines after ten years, eight months and twenty-seven days, in search of her childhood friend Cris. But when she finds her, Tina discovers that Cris has become entangled with The Sparrows, a pseudo-terrorist organization, bent on bringing down the corrupt Capitalist Regime. Now they must both face the choices that life has forced upon them and the consequences of their lives apart. But before Tina is allowed to go home Cris has one more surprise for her long lost friend.
The A-Word
A mother is confronted by her son about her past.
The Female Heart
The infamous garbage dump outside Manila. although demolished in 1993, it has been replaced by several dumpsites that still exist today. In July 1996, one of them, in the city of Payatas, collapsed killing hundreds of people living at its base. The play takes place in the late 1980's and tells the story of two siblings living in the so-called "Smokey".
The Interview
A Filipino woman flees to New York to escape her past.
The St. Nicola Cycle
The St. Nicola Cathedral in Italy is the focus of The St. Nicola Cycle, two new short plays being given their world-premiere productions by Starfish Theatreworks. Pusong Babae (Heart of a Woman) by Linda Faigo-Hall is about a young Filipina who travels to America as a mail-order bride in order to support her mother and ailing brother. Double Cross by Gail Noppe-Brandon is about the plight of a 49-year-old nun who becomes pregnant following a sexual assault.
Walking Iron
Walking Iron explores homophobia in a working class setting: a gay iron worker outs himself on the construction site and to his straight best friend. Seen from the iron worker gang's perspective, it examines homosexuality from the point of view of sympathetically drawn heterosexual working class men, forced to confront their own feelings about homosexuality, friendship and loyalty.
Woman From The Other Side Of The World
The disillusionment of escaping a troubled past in an adopted culture emerges when Emiliya, a seemingly Americanized Filipina, encounters Ines, her new yaya (nanny) and a "Woman From the Other Side of the World." Their oft comical confrontations gradually darken to reveal the world as well as the secrets of Emiliya's past.

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Linda Faigao-Hall

Linda Faigao-Hall s-a nascut la data de in Cebu City, Filipine.

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