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Bloomsbury Women and the Wild Colonial Girl
A dramatic piece compiled from the letters of Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf and others of the Bloomsbury Group.
Maxine and Pinkie are working class factory girls in Sydney's Western suburbs and are driven to save enough money from their paltry wages to book a cargo ship to New Zealand. A poignant comedy about class.
Digger and Nudger Try Harder
Audience favourites Digger and Nudger go on a voyage of self-discovery. Getting in touch with their psychic ovaries, they become true blue "men" of the 90s.
Inspired by the book Eugenia by Suzanne Falkiner. This drama moves from the past to the present in presenting a view of the life of Eugenia who dressed as a man and is accused of murdering a woman in Wellington's Newtown on New Year's Eve in 1918.
Stephanie Saint-John has been married for almost twenty years and has a sixteen year old son when she falls in love with Fredrika Ross, a highly successful television personality. Both women need to make some tough decisions.
Kate and Mrs Jones
Set in the run-up to the 2008 elections in New Zealand, Kate & Mrs Jones is a comedy, a love-story, and a reflection on the problems women face on the path to power.
Peter Pan The Pantomime
Peter Pan and the troublesome Tinkerbell whisk Wendy away to the wondrous World of Neverland. Without Google maps, their only directions are: ‘Second on the right and straight on till morning!’ Meet Tina Lily, Leader of the Tinakori Tribe, the lost boys, the cunning crocodile, the conniving pirates. And the crooked Captain Hook! And of course there’s the Dame, the Grandest, Grand Dame in the pantomime world.
Ridgetop Raiders
Three women buy a dream house with magnificent views, but uncover corrupt plans for a housing subdivision on the front slopes.
Scarlet & Gold
Waihi, New Zealand, the site of the Martha Gold Mine, which had been one of the best-producing gold mines of the colonies but had been slowly reducing its return to investors for some years. The play is set in 1912 during the six month miners’ strike: a protest against unsafe conditions and unfair pay.
Sex Drive
It’s about life, love, lust and Lotto. Sex Drive is a fast-paced comedy which tells the story of three women who are close friends working together in a chicken factory. Their Lucky Clucky Chicken Plucking Syndicate wins a second-division Lotto prize of ten thousand dollars. Realising it’s not enough for any of them to improve their lot in life they decide to pool their winnings to start a small business. They brainstorm some ideas. Sex sells. Especially when it comes on wheels. And so Sex Drive is born. A mobile sex shop created by women, for women. Sexy, not sleazy. Glamorous for the amorous. And most of all, fun.
This play deals with the way three strippers survive their life in the club and through musical routines the audience sees them deal with aggressive males.
The Truth About Love
riotous 'introductory seminar for adults', where four 'sexperts' initiate the audience into the secrets of love, loss, longing and lust. It's a fast-paced, hilarious and often moving look at love in all its guises. This 80 minute show (with no interval) is a fusion of song, choreography and comedy. A spoof on property and personal growth seminars, the show is hosted by 'Sandy Sugars' and 'Candy Cox', two self-made experts who entice the audience to sign up to their get-love-quick-schemes by introducing various 'celebrities' and 'past success stories' to endorse their course.
A troupe of actors travel through New Zealand in the 1860s and encounter Charlotte Badger, a female convict escaped from Australia.

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